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Can Using Earplugs Make You Not Need Painkillers? Here's Why Sleep Is So Important and How You Can Improve Yours

Earplugs and need for painkillers

Can a $3 pair of earplugs save you thousands of dollars in insurance and pharmaceutical costs by making you not need painkillers? Here's the deal with sleep and how to improve yours.


Researchers found that getting a good night's sleep lowers chronic pain. They say that simply getting good quality sleep can lessen the need for painkillers, which are taking up headlines recently after multiple agencies and experts found that doctors' prescriptions are the major cause of opioid addiction.

But sometimes it's a bit hard to get good sleep even if you sleep early and have a good quality mattress. If you live in a noisy urban area, like New York City, it can be hard to sleep well with all that nonstop noise. Don't underestimate a $3 pair of earplugs – they can mean the difference between a sleepless night and a refreshed morning if you live in the city. In fact, earplugs are so effective that when ICU patients were made to use earplugs, their sleep hygiene improved so much that there was a significant reduction in their delirium. If you're suffering from chronic pain, wearing earplugs at night means you'll save money on prescription painkillers and help prevent yourself from becoming addicted to opioids.

The University of Texas at Austin also recommends using earplugs to help you sleep better. Earplugs don't always have to be thick, uncomfortable, and cumbersome. Varieties of earplugs for sleeping include foam, silicone, polymer, wax, and many more options to suit your personal ear sensitivity.

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Getting a good night's sleep not only helps lower chronic pain, it also helps you lose weight and lowers your risk of heart attack and car crashes.

If you want to maximize your sleep quality, you can also try aromatherapy. Doing something as simple as leaving a little tea tree oil near your bedside has been found to improve your sleep significantly. You can also try woodwick candles, which can mimic nature's scent. But be careful when choosing artificially scented candles because researchers have found them to release harmful carcinogens, like formaldehyde.

Researchers also found that eating maca promotes good sleep. It contains hexadecanoic acid, calcium, and potassium, which are all functional components that improve sleep. Eating maca regularly also helps treat diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels. It's also been found to boost your memory and cognition. It also lowers your blood pressure and reduces prostrate size. It's even healthy for your mind – researchers found it improves anxiety and depression.

Lower your painkiller costs and help prevent addiction by using earplugs when you sleep. You can also improve your sleep by eating maca and trying aromatherapy.