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Can HGH Help You Lose Weight?

HGH weight loss

Can Human Growth Hormone (HGH) slim you down and make you buff without exercise or dieting? Scientists have found that the benefits of taking HGH supplements include fat loss and bigger muscles.


What Is HGH and How Does It Help You Lose Weight

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is made by your pituitary gland. Its main role is to make you grow, promoting all tissue growth. To do so, it encourages protein synthesis to build tissues, and fat breakdown for energy for tissue growth. Does this mean that HGH boosts your fat-burning?

Well, the evidence is in favor, at least. Studies show that obese people have lower levels of HGH than non-obese people. A hallmark study found that taking synthetic HGH boosts fat-burning by about 15 percent and muscle mass by about 10 percent without doing additional exercise or changing your diet.

Many doctors are skeptical about HGH's weight loss effectiveness, but they admit their findings show HGH reduces body fat and increases muscle mass.

How Can You Boost Your HGH?

Artificial HGH

If you're overweight, your HGH levels might be below normal. You can boost them by taking synthetic HGH:

Synthetic HGH is laboratory-made HGH you can get injected with. These can carry side effects, which include carpal tunnel syndrome and joint pain.

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HGH supplements are synthetic too, but don't directly contain HGH. These promote your body to make more HGH, so they're less risky and may not carry the side effects associated with synthetic HGH injections.

Natural Foods That Boost Your HGH Levels

Eating natural, HGH-boosting foods is the safest way to boost your HGH levels because you won't be putting yourself at risk of the side effects associated with the artificial methods:

Melatonin-rich foods, like raspberries, tomatoes, and rice, have been shown to boost your HGH production by about 160 percent. These are also rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants, which fight toxins in your body and protect you from chronic diseases like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Soy foods, like tofu and soymilk, have been found to boost your HGH levels for 30 minutes. Soy is also a clean source of protein!

Coconut oil has been found to boost your HGH levels for a maximum of four hours.

Yogurt has been found to boost your HGH levels too. It's also a wonderful probiotic that protects you from candida overgrowth and upset stomachs.

Does boosting your HGH levels help you lose weight? Experts are divided, but they all agree it does burn some fat and strengthen your muscles. Eat HGH-boosting foods to raise your HGH levels – they won't boost your HGH as well as the injections or supplements, but they're nutritious and safer.