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Having a Pet Can Heal Your Mind and Body, But Some Pet Owners Struggle To Find A Residence Due To No-Pet Policies

Having pet and human mind

Doctors have found that owning a pet or regularly having contact with animals can improve your physical and psychological health, but what to do when your residence has a no-pet policy.


About 65 percent of American households own at least one pet. It's not really surprising that so many people own pets – archaeologists found the custom goes as far back as 12,000 years or more. Perhaps the millennia people have spent in a symbiotic relationship with animals has gradually caused our bodies to adapt. At least that's the conclusion the evidence researchers are starting to find seems to point to.

Researchers found that heart attack patients, no matter what kind of heart attack they suffered, had an increased chance of surviving a year or longer if they owned a dog. They also found that married couples who owned a pet had lower heart rates and blood pressure when resting or doing a stress test than couples who didn't own pets. They concluded that owning a pet is good for you cardiovascular health.

These heart healthy effects might be due to the fact that researchers found that dog owners get more exercise than people who don't own dogs. That's because they take their dogs for a walk daily and enjoy fun physical activities with their furry friend.

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But pets also seem to give us special direct health benefits. Researchers found you'll relax faster and experience faster stress relief when hanging out with your dog than with your spouse or best friend!

Pets are especially healthy for children. Researchers found that autistic children are better able to interact with pets and this may help nurture their human interactions. Most children turn to their pet for comfort when they're unhappy before anyone or anything else. This means owning a pet gives your children a special source of comfort that boosts their empathy development.

Pets can even help the sick get better – doctors have noticed that patients have better moods and less anxiety when pets are brought to interact with them. If you're hospitalized or bedridden, there are special pet assistance services that let you keep your pet by your side during hard times.

If you don't already own a pet, consider adopting one today! They'll help keep your heart healthy and they'll be your loving companion. If you have children, your new pet will be their new source of special emotional support.

Many people struggle to find a residence due to No Pet Policies. According to the Fair Housing Amendment Act, landlord and property managers are required to allow emotional support animals in housing even if they normally do not allow pets, provided that health care professional states in a letter that the tenant needs an emotional support animal as part of his or her treatment. This page by The DogTor discusses in details what is an emotional support animal letter and how to qualify for it.