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Can Frozen Shoulder Be Fully Treated by Your Chiropractor?

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Going to the chiropractor isn't something intuitive, unless you're into holistic health. But did you know that a chiropractor can fully treat many conditions, one of which you may already have, without resorting to medications? One of them is frozen shoulder.


Seeing physicians and medical specialists can be costly, and the medications they prescribe can cost even more. If you're dealing with chronic pain, strains, misalignments, and various other conditions, going to a chiropractor is far cheaper.

Chiropractic care is a fully recognized treatment option, unlike other alternative health therapies (like homeopathy). Almost all health insurance plans cover chiropractic care! That means you'll enjoy less expensive treatment without having to pay much out of pocket. Also, your chiropractor will most likely not require you to take any medications that you'll have to pay for.

What's the catch? Well, chiropractic care can fully cure many ailments, but unlike medicine, it's not 100 percent all the time. Frozen shoulder is one such condition that chiropractic care can treat:

Frozen Shoulder

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Adhesive capsulitis, or frozen shoulder syndrome, is a mysterious condition where you feel stiffness and pain in your shoulder or shoulder joint. It usually develops gradually, slowly becoming worse and worse to the point that you may not be able to move or lift your shoulder totally. The good news is it usually goes away on its own within three years.

Frozen shoulder is a mysterious condition because experts aren't sure why the connective tissue surrounding the affected shoulder joint simply thickens and tightens. But they do know that you risk developing it if you're above middle age, have been immobilized for a certain period, or have diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Some other risk factors are tuberculosis and thyroid ailments.

Doctors would usually prescribe painkillers and corticosteroids to treat frozen shoulder, along with physical therapy.

But chiropractors can treat frozen shoulder without medications. Researchers took 50 patients with frozen shoulder and had them treated by a chiropractor. After an average of 28 days, 16 patients were fully cured of their frozen shoulder, while 25 more patients had their frozen shoulder resolved 75 to 90 percent.

If you're suffering from frozen shoulder, chiropractic care isn't guaranteed to fully cure you, but the chances are very likely, given the research, that your frozen shoulder will be significantly lessened without the use of drugs.