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Beat Dry Skin This Winter With These Healthy Home Remedies

Dry Skin Solution

When the temperature drops, your thermostat rises. But the hot, dry air can make your skin crack and feel uncomfortable. Here are some holistic dry skin remedies you can try.


Winter is known to bring dry skin conditions. When you're outside, the cold, dry winds take moisture away from your skin, but that's not too bad since you're bundled up and won't spend more time outside than you have to (unless you're out for a jog). But when you're at home or at work, the heater is constantly blowing drier air around you, which also dries out your skin. Your skin's being attacked outdoors and indoors – no wonder you're starting to feel cracks.

The American College of Healthcare Sciences says you can use almonds, borage, rose, avocado, and comfrey root on your skin to moisturize it and naturally infuse it with nutrients absorbed through your pores. They also recommend mixing pure vitamin E cream or other natural moisturizers with jojoba oil or other essential oils.

According to European Home Remedies, you can use callissia fragrans extracts in your moisturizer as well, which have also been found to fight and protect your body from the herpes viruses.

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Western Michigan University says some other natural skin moisturizers you can use on your dry skin are coco butter, coconut oil, and olive oil. Olive oil can also help keep your hair and nails hydrated.

If you're not fond of putting stuff on your skin, there are supplements and foods you can eat that also help moisturize your skin. Researchers found that taking hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin. Water-rich foods, like watermelon, vegetables, and fruits also help moisturize your skin by keeping your body hydrated.

Harvard also suggests you use a humidifier to help combat the dry air coming from the heater. They say you can help keep your skin moist by taking shorter showers (5 to 10 minutes) because longer showers remove your skin's moisturizing oil layer.

Don't let your skin suffer this winter, but don't resort to using chemical-laden cosmetics either! Try these natural moisturizing methods that can help alleviate your dry winter skin.