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Another Reason Why Eating Your Vegetables Helps You Lose Weight and Fight Aging

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Scientists from the University of Buffalo found something interesting about why you might be getting fatter as you get older (or at least, why it's easier for you to get fat). Here's what they found and what you can do to combat its effects.


It turns out there's another reason why you seem to get fatter as you get older – and it has nothing to do with metabolism. Researchers from the University of Buffalo discovered that your cells' genes responsible for making lipids (including fats) get more active as you age. That means your body becomes more and more genetically geared to make fat as you get older, which inevitably means you'll be keeping more fat (unless you up your levels of exercise).

Why? They theorize it has to do with your body losing the ability to fight free radicals as you age. It turns out that certain lipids (and fats) are great at neutralizing age-speeding, harmful free radicals. They noticed that as the number of free radicals in your system increases as you age, the more lipids and fats your cells produce, which supposedly is your body's way of counteracting the free radical level increase.

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But here's some good news – if you help your body fight off free radicals, then it won't need to make more fat to counteract them. That's where vegetables come in. Veggies are antioxidant-rich, which make them excellent free radical neutralizers. If you up your veggie intake, you'll help lower your free radical levels. Here are a few other things you can do:

Don't over-toast your bread. Burned food has been found to increase your risk of cancer. Burned foods are also higher in free radicals, like poly-carbon radicals. When making toast, you can lower its free radical content by making sure it doesn't get more toasted than a light golden brown. If your toaster frequently burns the edges of your toast, you should consider buying a higher-quality toaster with decent reviews.

Don't eat fast food. Fast food restaurants, like McDonald's, often offer foods with known possible carcinogens. According to CityMash, McDonald's breakfast menu contains many carcinogens and ingredients that are bad for your heart and can cause asthma. These carcinogens may also act as free radicals, which can trigger your body to produce more fat. Not only that, fast food is usually loaded with fat – which also increases your likelihood of gaining weight.

As you get older your body makes more fat to counteract your body's waning ability to fight off free radicals. You can keep your fat levels low by helping lower your free radical levels by including more veggies in your daily meals, staying away from fast food, and not burning your toast!