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Another Fast Food Horror That Should Make You Think Twice About Drive-Thru Food

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If you read this particular breaking story in recent news, you might be so horrified you'd vow never to eat at a fast food chain again – which you shouldn't be doing anyway.


It's been pounded into your head over and over – fast food is bad for your body. Doctors, reporters, health enthusiasts, and pretty much everyone with common sense will tell you that fast food is bad for almost every organ system in your body.

Now this week's breaking news story about a woman who ate at Popeyes should be the final bolt of shock that drives you away from fast food joints forever. The Texas woman ordered and ate red beans and rice at Popeyes which she found out later contained the eggs of screwworms.

You've probably heard of bot flies and how they can lay eggs on your skin that cause boils that erupt with maggots? Bot fly larvae only eat dead skin and the pus from the wound they've caused – they leave the host after they've matured.

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Screwworms are a different story! Screwworms eat living flesh and burrowing deeper rather than just staying on the surface of your skin. A female can lay thousands of eggs in a single wound, which is what happened to this woman. She ate live eggs which hatched in her gut and the larvae burrowed into her intestines where they thrived and started eating her.

For two years she battled this infestation, which disabled her from working or enjoying life. She ended up losing her business and income.

Besides surgical removal, there are currently no medications that can treat a screwworm infestation. There are insecticides that can kill screwworms, but they're not FDA-approved.

Fast food is already bad for your heart and the rest of your body – but this new development bumps up their danger level considerably. Stay healthy and don't eat out! Home-cooked meals will help you lose weight and live longer – and if you cook your food well, you won't ever have to worry about flesh-eating parasites living in your body either!