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9 Deaths From Cancer Directly Caused by Breast Implants

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If you were considering getting breast implants, you might want to reconsider! Recent news reports that 9 people have died from getting breast implants.


A plastic surgeon is usually more than happy to encourage you to get breast implants (depending on the circumstances of course). It's not that he wants to make money off of you (well, for some plastic surgeons, maybe). Good plastic surgeons are taught in school the philosophy behind their procedures – and that's the underlying belief most work by.

Plastic surgeons augment your body because they believe it will bring you long-term happiness, self-satisfaction, confidence, and a better quality of life. If their expert opinion deems that a certain aesthetic procedure will cause you minimal to no long-term harm or negative consequences, while also bringing you long-term psychological benefits, then they can't see why you shouldn't get the procedure done. Money aside, they're being good doctors and are trying to improve your psychological and social health.

But plastic surgeons are not psychologists – and so they're biased in their opinions (even if they mean well). If you have to change who you physically are to truly be happy – it might not be the overall healthiest path.

Now that it's Lent, you can reflect inwardly at your perceived flaws and imperfections. Is it really your physical self that's wrong – or maybe how you perceive yourself? Accepting how God made you will help you grow in spirit and maturity. If you're pressured by society and the sinful media to get breast implants – you could only be fueling the dark side. You could also be airing out the smoke within yourself rather than putting out the fire. Who's to say you won't get other body augmentation procedures done in the future because everyone suddenly finds a certain nose job appealing?

When you don't strengthen your spirit, you'll fall prey to the temptations of the world. That's why plastic surgery patients keep coming back for more procedures – even after breast implants, they're unsatisfied because they haven't fixed their true inner problem. In fact, plastic surgery procedures are becoming more common and increasing in frequency. Some procedures are being done more than 10 times what they used to. It's a sad reflection that society is neglecting its inner peace and being swept away by fleeting trends and other superficial matters.

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Now it seems breast implant procedures can cause a type of fatal cancer. It turns out that in rare cases, anaplastic large-cell lymphoma can develop and the cancer cells flourish within the scar tissue resulting from the breast implant procedure.

It seems that the type of breast implant you get can increase your risk for getting this fatal cancer. Of the cases of the cancer reported by breast implant patients, almost 57 percent were patients with textured implants (like a pebbly surface), while only 8 percent were patients with smooth implants.

How do you know if you're developing anaplastic large-cell lymphoma? Some symptoms are lumps, edema or swelling, and pain.

Thus far, there are 9 confirmed deaths from the cancer directly caused by breast implants. But experts say there could be more cases because the cancer is under-reported for breast implant patients.

Luckily, if caught early, the cancer is fully treatable by removal of the implant and surrounding tissue.

Before considering breast implants, take its complications into account. More importantly, reflect inwardly and see if it's really the implants you need, or if your spirit is simply showing you that you need inner peace.