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6 Sneaky Ways to Get Some Exercise When You Feel Lazy This Winter

Winter Exercise

The cold weather may make you feel too lazy to exercise. The cloudy skies don't help either. Here are some tips that will help you get your daily exercise this winter.


Sometimes it's hard to get motivated to exercise during the long, cold winter. And the cloudy skies make it harder because less sunlight has been found to dampen your mood and productivity. It's a shame because your metabolism is actually 12 percent higher in the winter if you're routinely exposed to the cold – so if you exercised as much as you did in the summer, you'd burn more fat.

Here are some sneaky fitness tips from Homegymr to help you get your exercise without your mind noticing:

Walking in fun places. You might not feel like getting on the treadmill or walking around the block – but if your friend calls and asks if you want to hang out at the mall, you're instantly out the door, right? Doctor's advice: Spend an extra half an hour shopping at the mall – but you have to make sure you're walking. It's pretty much the same exercise as taking a walk around the block except you're having more fun and won't feel like you're exercising!

Ditch the elevator. Believe it or not, taking the stairs is a light HIIT. According to Indiana University, every step you take on the stairs is equivalent to two steps of walking. Also, taking the stairs is actually faster than taking the elevator! Researchers also found that people who usually take the stairs instead of the elevator have better bone density and a 15 percent reduced risk of dying prematurely. Best of all, if you climb two flights of stairs everyday, you'll lose about 6 more pounds in one year!

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Clean! If your parents, significant other, hired help, or relatives usually do the house upkeep, clean your home yourself. WebMD says that vacuuming, washing your windows, and scrubbing your floors actually burn a lot of calories and can be good workouts.

Rake leaves and shovel snow. It's the same as cleaning – doing yardwork yourself instead of paying your neighbor's son $20 can help you stay fit and lose weight. In fact, raking leaves and shoveling snow for one hour burns between 400 to 600 calories!

Go ice skating You should take advantage of being able to ice skate outdoors with your friends while the tops of lakes are frozen safe and sturdy. Ice skating is actually a comprehensive workout – it combines cardio and strength training while building your core and boosting your flexibility and balance! It also helps you become more social because you're skating with others and can do group skating activities. Ice skating for an hour burns between 500 to 700 calories depending on how much fun you're having!

Walk the dog. If someone else is in charge of taking your dog out, volunteer to do it. Taking your dog for a walk is another sneaky way to get you walking. If Lassie has to go to the bathroom, how can you say no? Dogs love to be outside, so taking a longer walk with your favorite companion is good for your heart and will make hers happy.

Don't let winter laziness keep you from staying fit and losing weight! Try these six fun and easy ways to sneak some exercise into your life without you actually having to force yourself to the gym!