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6 Healthy Natural Fall Detox Foods

Natural Detox

If your tastes change with the seasons, it's a good idea to detox this fall. Doing so prevents toxins from building up in your body and makes your liver healthier.


Are you one of those people who likes to eat foods that help comfort the seasons' temperatures? Maybe you go from crispy and cooled foods (like refrigerated yogurts) in the summer to warm soups and oven-roasted heavy meals in the winter. But all foods have different levels of toxins, so moving from a diet consisting significantly of pesticide-traced crispies and refrigerated food preservatives to hormone-laden baked meats and chicken soups can tax your liver. It's best to detox your liver and body of any buildup of toxins from the foods and environmental pollution you're exposed to in the summer before your lifestyle changes in the colder seasons.

Your body adapts to your lifestyle and regular environment to compensate for factors that could harm your body. For example, moderate alcohol drinkers' bodies adapt over time to compensate for the regular intake of alcohol. The same is true if you're habitually exposed to cold temperatures, like during fall and winter. Your body's metabolism, circulation, endocrine system, and fat layer densities significantly change when you're regularly exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Transitioning from the summer's heat to fall's cooler temperatures means your body will go through an overhaul.

This overhaul can be more taxing if you change your diet too! Your liver and other organs were used to your summer diet with a predictable level of toxins they adapted to neutralize. Now that you're starting to eat a diet with warmer, heavier foods – the toxin types and levels are different, and your body is trying to adapt. What makes it worse is that there may be a buildup of summer toxins, and now you're adding new toxins that may start to build up as well.

You'll also make lifestyle changes in the colder seasons that will change the environmental toxins you're exposed to. In the summer you were probably outdoors more and more exposed to pollen and human air pollution. In the fall and winter you'll be more exposed to toxins from different types of heaters and indoor air pollution. Like food toxins, environmental toxins can build up in your body too and cause you to gain weight.

All these toxic buildups and abrupt climate and lifestyle changes can wreak havoc on your liver, which can lower your immunity and cause weight gain. But you can help your body and liver through the seasonal transition by eating foods that detox your body and hopefully remove all toxic buildups from the summer.

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According to Dr. Shilpa Tarugu, medical director at Detox of South Florida, “Some foods have shown promise in being able to detoxify your organ systems. These include coriander, olestra, and nori. But currently, the evidence is only preliminary and more research must be conducted before concrete conclusions can be made.”

Here are some other detox foods that can help eliminate your toxic buildup:

Garlic. Studies show that garlic inhibits toxins produced by some bacteria and fungi that might be present in food (including alfatoxins and botulism-causing toxins). Researchers also found evidence that garlic helps neutralize environmental toxins and also has protective effects on your liver. You can take garlic supplement pills or chop up some raw garlic and simply eat it.

Red Beetroot. Researchers found that eating red beetroot lowers your overall inflammation, which helps prevent cardiac disease and cancer. It's also got powerful antioxidants which help you stay looking young and neutralize free radicals and toxins in your body. They found that rats given beetroot juice experienced a boost in the activity of detoxifying enzymes, which could mean that beetroot juice can enhance your body's detox abilities.

Kombucha is a traditional Korean fermented drink. It's teeming with probiotics, antioxidants, and essential nutrients. Researchers found it boosts your immune system, protects your kidneys, helps protect you from cancer and heart disease, reduces your overall inflammation, and many other benefits. They also found it assists your body-wide detoxification processes. You can ferment your own kombucha or buy it at a nearby health store.

Now, you can actually do that with a healthy diet - so all you need to do is look up some liver-ehancing foods, pickup all the grocieries and ingredients you need and start cooking - or if you're not too good in the kitchen, use a food delivery service like Blue Apron.

This fall and winter, make it easier for your body to transition to your new food habits and environment with these detox foods. You'll also lose weight and eliminate toxic buildups in your body!