4 Ways to Prevent Gaining Weight From Eating Halloween Candy

It's only a few days until Halloween and chances are you'll be snacking on more candy than you usually do. Here are a few tips to help burn all that sugar instead of your body storing it as fat.


It's estimated that only 24 percent of adults eat candy on an average day. But on Halloween, some market research shows that 50 percent of adults eat candy. Chances are you'll be snacking on these high-sugar junk snacks because you're either sharing “the loot” with your children or can't resist snacking on the candies you've bought for trick or treaters.

Here are a few ways you can help burn all that sugar while still having fun on Halloween with your loved ones:

Walk, don't drive. Some trick or treaters target affluent neighborhoods or residences known to be generous on this treat-filled day. If you're one of these “savvy” trick or treaters who plan on strategically hitting multiple far apart locations by driving your kids with your car to get to all of them before the night is over and maximize your candy loot, ditch the plan. It's healthier and more fun to walk the neighborhood door-to-door with your children. That way you can burn carbs while walking and spend quality time holding hands with your children (instead of having to concentrate driving). Also, being out in the cold air (instead of inside a heated car) boosts your metabolism by 12 percent and makes your cells less sensitive to insulin, which means you'll passively burn more candy carbs and your diabetes risk from eating all that sugar will be lower.


Take natural fat-burning supplements before eating candy with your kids. Eating is more fun when you do it with others, and unfortunately, Halloween is no exception. Your kids will want to share their candy with you and you know turning them down will only dampen their happy moods – so with a forced smile you gratefully take what they're offering. If you're already taking weight loss medications, like phentermine, these may already offer some protection from weight gain and developing diabetes even if you splurge on sugar. But strive for natural healthy supplements that have been proven to boost your fat burning. Wine, grape juice, or resveratrol supplements make your body burn fat by converting stagnant white fat to actively burning brown fat. You can also take the Dr. Oz-touted garcinia cambogia supplements, which may boost fat burning and lower your cholesterol levels. Natural supplements are safer than pharmaceuticals because they don't carry as many side effects and usually enrich your body with essential vitamins and nutrients.

45 minutes of vigorous exercise on Halloween morning. Experts found that if you exercise vigorously for 45 minutes (jumping rope, a game of tennis, swimming laps, running, working out on a punching bag, or calisthenics), you'll boost your metabolism by over 35 percent for 14 hours! Plan ahead Halloween morning or during your lunch break and hit the gym or the pavement hard! You'll be burning 135 percent of your usual carbs until sundown when you'll be over-snacking on candies. If exercising vigorously for 45 minutes is too hard (let's face it, not everyone's an athlete), then you can break it up with HIIT, where you do short bursts of vigorous exercise between bouts of low-intensity exercise.

Choose chocolate. If you're going to pig out on candy anyway, you might as well pick the healthiest ones – and chocolate is one of the healthiest. You probably already know that dark chocolate prevents heart disease, but did you know even the average chocolate bar has health benefits? In fact, doctors found that it can actually help you lose weight! There's chemicals in chocolate that prevent your gut from absorbing fat from food. That means instead of taking in fat from food, it just passes right through. Selectively munching on chocolate all Halloween night is healthier than munching on other sugary treats.

Follow these tips to have worry-free fun with your children this Halloween! Share in the spoils of candy and laugh together. You aren't likely to gain weight if you take precautionary measures. Remember to get all your children's teeth brushed before bed – or there's sure to be cavities and painful trips to the dentist.


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Totally true. On Wellness Nova, there's a writer there, Julie, she also cured her high blood pressure by simple dieting and some supplements. She's no longer on any medications too. Almost every disease is reversible with natural remedies. Don't fall for the gloom and doom doctors state when they diagnose you. Nothing is permanent. Nature can heal us totally. It's all about eating right and staying fit.