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4 Tips for Safer Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving travel

The highways and skies are busier during the holidays. We're all trying to get to our families and most of us will be driving. Here are some tips to get you to your family safely for Thanksgiving.


A grim part of Thanksgiving is that the number of deaths are highest on Thanksgiving and other family holidays. There are a mix of causes – here are important tips to keep you and your family safe while coming together this Thanksgiving:

1. Plan ahead and leave ahead of time. Planning ahead makes your trip stress-free and prevents you from rushing to your Thanksgiving destination. According to Dr. David Agus, stressful traveling can exacerbate underlying conditions, which can lead to heart attacks. If you don't plan ahead and end up driving rushed, you increase your likelihood of getting into a car accident.

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2. Don't forget your medications. Dr. Agus says that travelers often forget to bring their medications. This is especially bad on Thanksgiving because of the negative impacts stress places on the heart when rushing to your family's destination. He also says that you're also going to eat a lot on Thanksgiving, which includes fatty foods and dessert. If you have underlying conditions and eat too much without taking your pills, there can be bad consequences. Plus, if you eat so much then try playing football or other exercises with your family and have a bad heart, it can lead to coronary events if you don't take your pills.

3. Be well-rested. Driving sleepy increases your likelihood of getting into a car accident. Some studies show that driving sleepy can impair your driving abilities the same as having consumed alcohol above the legal limit! Not getting enough sleep can also increase your risk of heart attacks and cause you to gain weight.

4. Check your car. Keeping your car maintenance up is more important for your Thanksgiving trip. Check to make sure your tires are okay and have the right amount of pressure. Check to make sure your windshield wipers are working and everything is in good condition. Thanksgiving falls around the time when winter storms and icy roads are more common – so make sure your car is up to snuff. Remember to make sure everyone's wearing their seat belts too – 60 percent of car accident fatalities are caused by passengers not wearing their seat belts.

Stay safe while traveling on Thanksgiving by following these important guidelines. Make it to your family safely so you can all enjoy a happy dinner together. Don't forget your medications too!