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4 Safe Tips for Exercising: Do not do it the wrong way


Exercising helps you lose weight and lengthens your life, but doing it the wrong way can be lethal. Here are a few tips to keep your workout safe and healthy.


Exercising keeps your body fit and helps you burn fat if you're trying to lose weight. It's also been proven to cut your healthcare costs by $2500 every year. Not only that, researchers have also found that exercising lengthens your telomeres, which helps you live longer and keeps you looking young.

But if you do these bad workout practices, you could be hurting your health and possibly give yourself a heart attack:

Exercising when you're angry or emotional. Researchers found that exercising when you're angry or emotionally upset can increase your risk for cardiac arrest within the next 60 minutes by 300 percent. Dr. Andrew Smyth, a lead researcher, explains that when you're emotionally upset and performing a strenuous activity at the same time, it raises your blood pressure and makes your heart beat faster, while also lowering the amount of blood going to your heart. Your heart is essentially working harder but getting a supply cut – and if plaque is already lowering the supply by blocking blood flow, then the combination can knockout your heart. He says you can still work out when you're angry, but just don't go beyond your normal activity level. What's important is that you're aware of the risk and take care when you're emotionally upset and decide to go exercise to blow off the steam.

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Wear flip flops when showering in public gyms. If you like to shower off the sweat after your workout, remember to protect your feet by wearing flip flops. According to Yellowtoenailscured.com, walking barefoot in moist places, where its favorable to fungi, can increase your risk of fungal infection. Your risk is greater if you have diabetes and your blood flow is compromised. It might feel uncomfortable, but taking a shower with flip flops on is a must if you're using public bathrooms.

Dress warmly if you're jogging outdoors in cold temperatures. While it's true that your body's temperature increases while exercising, you shouldn't underestimate how easily you can get frostbite. You can get frostbite within five minutes of being in cold temperatures. Frostbite can increase your risk for depression and cancer, especially if you regularly get frostbite. Common frostbitten areas are your hands and ears, so make sure to wear gloves and headwear with earflaps when going out for your morning jog in the cold seasons.

Always be able to talk. The NIH says you should never exercise above the level you're no longer able to talk. In their exercise safety guidelines, they state, “Your breathing may become faster, but you should still be able to talk.” They also advise you to always do warm-ups and start with low-intensity activities before gradually ramping up to your preferred level.

Exercising is one of the best things you can do for your health. But exercising can be bad for your heart if not done right. Make sure to be careful when working out when you're angry. Always wear flip flops when showering in public bathrooms and never exercise so intensely you can't even talk.