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Cutting Calories vs Exercising: 3 Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

Weight loss

Here are simple weight loss tips that make your weight loss regimen more efficient.


There always seems to be some kind of new, miracle weight loss treatment, doesn’t there? No wonder we’re always so skeptical when we read articles that try to convince us they’ve found a ‘’new’’ way to shed pounds. However, they’re not all bad. When it comes down to it, some weight loss tips really do work.

Here are three:

1. Cutting Calories Beats Exercising

While walking to work instead of driving will make a difference to your waistline, in the long run it’s actually more effective to cut calories if you want to lose weight. “Decreasing food intake is much more effective than increasing physical activity to achieve weight loss,’’ explains Samuel Klein, MD at Washington University’s School of Medicine.

If you want to burn 300 more kilocalories, you can run three miles or not eat 2 ounces of potato chips. It’s that simple!

2. Know Your Calorie Budget – and Stick to It!

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Regardless of whether you’re trying to maintain your weight or lose weight, everyone has a daily calorie budget: you can find yours here. Once you’ve established how many calories you’ve got to play with on a daily basis, you can then plan your servings of food accordingly.

Make sure you stick to your daily recommended calorie budget; otherwise those pounds aren’t going to go away anytime soon. By knowing your calorie budget, you can build a healthy diet without the frustrations of weight control.

If you find you have trouble sticking to your calorie budget, there are programs out there that can help. For example, the popular Nutrisystem plan takes total control of the meals you eat everyday -- the company dictates absolutely everything you're to eat, and they've carefully calculated a calorie budget that will lead to weight loss.

3. Snack Smartly

Snacking, especially between meals, used to be a dieting sin. Now, nutritionists say that it’s far better to graze when you get hungry rather than ignore it and pig out later – provided that they’re healthy snacks, of course.

The next time you feel your stomach rumbling, opt for filling, protein-packed snacks such as a piece of fruit dipped in peanut butter, a handful of raw nuts, or a stick of string cheese. These are the best picks if you want to snack smartly. Before you know it, the pounds will be dropping off.

Try these three proven weight loss tips! Incorporate them into your daily regimen and you'll be losing more pounds in no time.



Adding protein and fat as a snack, like peanut butter, has been a big help to me. It's a good way to stop cravings in between meals and having the fat helps give your brain some energy too. Helpful when at work.