3 Weight-gaining Things Doctors Don't Want You to Know

Weight Gaining and Doctors

Doctors mean well. But they're required by law to hide the fact that certain things they make you get are making you fat. Here are three things you should avoid that doctors prescribe, and healthier alternatives.


Does your doctor always know what's best for you? Bound by laws, your doctor might wish he could advise you to stay away from certain things, but is required to promote and prescribe them. Here are three weight-gaining things your doctor won't tell you makes you fat:

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Make You Fat

Some vegetables you buy at your local grocery are GMOs, and you wouldn't know because GMO labeling isn't required by the FDA. Ninety percent of some vegetable varieties are GMOs. Why should you worry? Studies show that eating GMOs make you more likely to gain weight and also increase your appetite. Eating meat from animals fed GMO crops has the same effect – rats fed GMO-fed fish grew fatter than rats fed non-GMO crops.

Your doctor can't legally advise you to stay away from GMOs since they're FDA-approved. Since you can't distinguish them from non-GMO vegetables, telling you to avoid them would be the same as advising you to avoid vegetables.

Take control of your health: Buy your food from farmers markets that certify their goods are non-GMO and organic. You can also choose only to buy produce and meat labeled organic and non-GMO at your grocery – though they may be more expensive.

Flu and Chicken Pox Vaccines Make You Gain Weight

Vaccines have a bad rap. They're blamed for causing autism and brain damage. Now they're found to cause weight gain too. The CDC says that flu vaccines can cause inflammation. Experts found that inflammation causes obesity and type 2 diabetes by causing leptin and insulin resistance.


Your doctor is required by law to give you your shots. She'll also try to convince you to get flu, chicken pox, and other non-mandatory vaccines. Vaccines do prevent illness, but they can also make you fat.

Take control of your health: Take vitamin C and zinc. Scientists found that both strengthen your immune system. In times of stress and infection these two nutrients are depleted quickly, which weakens your immunity. Some testify that taking a vitamin C supplement daily wards away flus permanently.

If you get a lot of colds in the winter try a daily regimen of vitamin C and zinc before getting a fat-causing vaccine. If it wards away your sniffles, great! If not, then keep getting your shots. There's no harm – vitamin C supplements are cheap and they've also been linked to weight loss.

Allergy Meds Can Make You Overweight

Doctors love prescribing over-the-counter allergy medications. Just pop a Claritin and you're sneeze-free for a whole day! But did you know one of Claritin D's side effects is weight gain? Are you trading a runny nose for pounds of fat?

It would be malpractice for your doctor not to prescribe you allergy medications if you come in suffering from seasonal allergies. They'd only be concerned of the potential weight-gaining side effects if you're obese. They're required to care more about your coughing than your body image.

Take control of your health: Take vitamin C supplements. In addition to bolstering your immunity, they also ward off allergies. You can also buy air purifiers and clean your home more often if dust is the culprit of your wheezing – that's better than putting weight-gaining artificial chemicals in your body, right?

Losing weight and staying fit are multi-faceted goals. You can't just starve yourself and run a lot – you have to be smart too. Someone who doesn't work out or diet as much as you might lose more weight because they always eat breakfast, get more sunlight, or avoid GMOs. Lose weight the smart way by actively being aware of other sources of weight gain besides eating a lot and staying inactive.