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3 Ways to Get Fit When You're Short on Time

short on time

If you're trying to lose weight but are juggling many responsibilities and a stressful week wrought with deadlines, you can still get the same amount of exercise in but in a shorter time. Here are some fitness tips to help you keep up your calorie expenditure during your toughest of weeks.


Exercising When You Don't Have Time: Short, High-power Workouts and Other Crunch Time Fitness Tips

You wake up at 5 a.m., but not to do a sunrise jog – you've got to do a last rehearsal of an opening statement you're going to give at court or a high-pressure business meeting. Then you've got to fix some breakfast for your kids and spouse. That's Monday. On Tuesday you have to meet with an investors group in the morning and some memorandums are coming due. The rest of the week is similar, with your children having pageants and games you must attend. It's just one of those weeks where everything landed on the same days. How can you work out?

While nothing replaces an actual workout, there are ways to help you keep up with your calorie expenditure and exercise:

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Fidgeting! When you're driving in your car, move your free foot a little. Turn and bob your head to the radio. Rotate your shoulders a little. When you're at your work desk, tap your feet, tap your pencil, move your shoulders, and rotate your head. Researchers found that fidgeting here and there throughout the day can make you burn 300 more calories. Also, moving your body while sitting is therapeutic – it boosts your circulation, stretches your muscles, and helps your lymphatic system clear toxins.

HIIT. If you find you have 20 minutes or so to work out, you can cram an hour's worth of cardio by doing high-intensity interval training. You do bursts of vigorous exercise with seconds-long breaks in between. For example, rapid dumbbell lifts followed by a 3-second rest period followed by another rapid set. Martial arts is also a good HIIT workout, with a possible 300 to 444 calories burned in 30 minutes.

Exercise when you're working. You can do many hidden exercises completely in sync with your desk work. While sitting you can clench your abs every so often and work those muscles. If you're walking from your desk to a co-worker, make sure to brisk walk. When you're carrying things, switch between both sides to work more muscles. You can lift books over and behind your head while you're thinking – and this works your shoulder muscles. If you do these hidden exercises you'll burn over a hundred more calories while also helping tone your muscles.

Sometimes you can't avoid being super busy. Try these workout tips to get some exercise in despite your impossible week.