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3 Ways to Build Muscle Passively

muscle building

If you're getting into bodybuilding or trying to build muscle, you should know it's not always about working out. You can build muscle passively too.


Building muscle is actually very healthy. It's not all about being able to show off an attractive physique. Building muscle also strengthens your bones, which is very important when you get older. Your bones fortify themselves in response to the strain from your weight lifting.

Researchers also found that building more muscle can help prevent diabetes and boost your metabolism. That's because your muscle burns more calories passively than fat cells, which is why having more muscle means you'll have more tissues with faster metabolisms.

Building muscle also makes you stronger, literally! You'll have more power to lift heavier objects without putting potentially dangerous strains on your body (which can cause hernias and other complications). Having more muscle means you're expanding your physical limitations and this may make you feel empowered and boost your self-confidence.

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With that said, building muscle can be tedious if you have to keep pumping iron. But, fear not, here are passive ways that also help you build muscle:

Take a scoop of protein powder before sleeping. If you've been working out hard, your body needs more protein to rebuild your muscles. You sleep for 6 hours or more every night, and that means your body isn't getting protein for an extended period of time. If you were already lacking in protein or carbs, your body might even break down muscle to get the protein it needs! Researchers found that taking protein powder before sleeping boosts your body's muscle synthesis while sleeping.

Increase your omega-3 fatty acid intake. Researchers found that your muscles react favorably to omega-3 fatty acids. They found that boosting your intake improves your muscles' function and metabolism. In fact, researchers believe that boosting omega-3 fatty acid intake in people over 50 will significantly protect their muscles from degradation.

Wear weighted clothing. You can work out even when you're not working out by wearing weighted clothing. Whenever you make any movement, and even while sitting or lying down, your muscles are working harder to support the extra weight. Wearing the wrong weighted clothing can lead to dangerous strain, so make sure you consult a weighted clothing guide before trying this out.

Get stronger and healthier by building more muscle! It's not just about looking better. Try these passive ways to build your muscles to complement your diligent iron-pumping sessions.