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3 Things Your Body Is Trying to Tell You and What They Could Mean

plantar fasciitis, GERD, deficiency

Listening to your body isn't always easy. Here are a few common symptoms you might not notice, and what they could mean.


If you're always living a busy lifestyle, sometimes you don't have the privilege of listening to your body. But now that it's Lent and you're practicing more self-reflection, you can pay closer attention to what your body's been trying to tell you.

Here are a few things you might not notice, and what they might mean:

You're more sensitive to the cold. It's still winter, so it's understandable that you feel cold. But if you notice that you often have to wear more layers than your friends and family, or if you have to turn the thermostat up higher than most other people for you to feel comfortable at home, then your body might be trying to tell you you're deficient in some nutrients.

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If you're a vegetarian, vitamin B12 deficiency might be the culprit. It's ironic, because going vegetarian means you're trying to be healthier, but WebMD says that plant protein sources lack B12. An iron deficiency can also lead to feeling cold all the time, which is a symptom of anemia. Eat two eggs everyday (you can even throw away the egg yolks to avoid the cholesterol), which should significantly help fix both deficiencies.

Sometimes when you wake up and it's cold, your first step out of bed hurts. If sometimes when you take a step, you feel a sharp pain, you could be in the early stages of developing plantar fasciitis. This could happen because you've been straining the soles of your feet too much from upping your running routine too fast. It can also be from being thrifty and wearing old shoes for too long. Having flat feet can also increase your risk for developing plantar fasciitis. If caught during its early stages, you can prevent full blown plantar fasciitis by massaging your feet using Yamuna Body Rolling's special foot savers.

Intermittent sore throats. If you wake up on most days with a slight scratchy or sore throat and sometimes get a scratchy sore throat randomly throughout the day, it could mean many things. Allergies are one cause.

But what's more likely is the early onset of GERD, which is more likely if you've put on some weight. Being overweight or obese increases your risk for GERD. GERD isn't just a burning sensation, unexplained coughing and sore throats are both symptoms of acid coming up into your esophagus. Lose weight and switch to an alkaline diet to fight and reverse GERD.

This Lent, listen to what your body is telling you. It's the vessel of your soul, and you must treat it with respect by tending to its needs.