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3 Supplements That Can Protect You From the Spread of Zika

natural supplements for zika virus

Zika is yet again in the news. It seems the scary virus is making its way all over the U.S. – and that's alarming doctors everywhere. Recently, the FDA has announced that all donated blood in Zika-active states should be screened for the virus. Even if Zika spreads to your state, there are things you can do to boost your natural defenses against the Zika virus.


Doctors are warning that the Zika virus is becoming more of a serious threat in the U.S.. The FDA is advising 11 states to screen their donated blood for the virus. These states are:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • South Carolina
  • Texas

Why is the Zika virus spreading? Like malaria, Zika can be transmitted through mosquito bites. But, it can also be sexually transmitted.

Is Zika Dangerous?

The CDC states that 90 percent of people infected with the Zika virus won't experience any symptoms. The danger is if you're pregnant and become infected. The virus can harm the unborn infant, causing microcephaly, which can result in permanent brain damage.

How You Can Lower Your Risk of Getting Zika

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If you live in any of these 11 states, or in a Zika-active country, like those located in South America or the Caribbean, there are natural supplements you can take to boost your immunity against the virus:

IGF supplements contain IGF-1 LR3/DES protein complexes. According to ResearchPeptides, the protein complex boosts your muscle building, which is why it's popular among bodybuilders. It also has anti-aging properties, and studies show it also strengthens your bones. How does this protect you from Zika? Research shows that your muscles make antimicrobial chemicals when you're under attack by viruses, bacteria, and other microbes. They concluded that building muscles boosts your immunity.

Taking vitamin C supplements can boost your immune system. WebMD recommends an intake of 500 milligrams daily for optimal health. There's always been some controversy over whether vitamin C truly protects you from the common cold. Despite that, all doctors agree that vitamin C does help prevent immune deficiency. Taking vitamin C supplements everyday makes sure your immune system is always ready to fight if you come into contact with Zika.

Eating two Brazil nuts everyday ensures you're getting your required selenium. Selenium deficiency can impair your immune system and increase cancer-causing inflammation in your body. Your immune cells need selenium to grow and proliferate. Selenium also regulates hyperactive immunity, which means getting your daily required amount helps prevent allergies and arthritis. You can take a selenium supplement, but experts say that eating two Brazil nuts daily is even more effective in getting you your required intake. Unlike selenium supplements, Brazil nuts also contain healthy omega fatty acids and other essential vitamins and minerals.

Zika might spread all over America, but if you keep your immune system up, you can lower your chances of infection. These three supplements have been found to support your immune system – they also build your muscles and bones and help prevent allergies!