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3 Passive Ways to Lose Weight

losing weight passively

Have you ever wanted to lose weight without doing or eating anything? While you won't lose tons, these methods boost your weight loss efforts.


Working out and eating metabolism-boosting foods tremendously helps cut pounds, but sometimes you just don't feel like it. Fear not, you can boost your weight loss efforts on lazy days by listening to yourself eat, maintaining your electrolyte levels, and smelling essential oils.

Listening to yourself eat helps you eat less according to Brigham Young University researchers. They did a study where participants turned off the television and other distractions and simply paid attention to the sounds they made while eating. The participants ate less than those who were eating while distracted by other activities, like reading the newspaper or watching TV. The researchers called this the “Crunch Effect.”

Why does it work? According to the National Safety Council, your brain activity lowers by about 30 percent when you're actively listening to something (like when on the phone or watching TV). In fact, drivers who use entertainment systems in their cars get distracted for almost half a minute, missing or not noticing things around them!

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Keeping your electrolytes balanced also helps you lose weight. When dieting it's common that your electrolytes get depleted. Here's why you should care -- The electrolyte calcium has been shown to make you lose more weight. Dieting participants who supplemented with calcium lost more weight than those who didn't.

Even on lazy days, boosting your electrolyte levels is easy. Just take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (diluted with water or juice, of course) or enjoy some fruit juice! By keeping your calcium levels healthy, you'll make sure you burn more fat.

Breathing in essential oils also helps you lose weight. Scientists found that their vapors suppress your appetite by influencing your gut bacteria. Aromatherapy with essential oils can also boost your immunity and protect you from diseases. That's wild considering all you're doing is sniffing in soothing fragrances!

If you're skeptical about them, consider that many companies are spending many millions on developing essential oils products – they wouldn't waste their funding unless essential oil aromatherapy really works! The charts show a large exponential increase in their essential oil investments.

If doing your routine weight loss diet and exercise feels too strenuous on some days, you can still keep your weight loss up by doing these three passive things!