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3 Healthy Natural Foods and Supplements That Can Replace Exercise

Healthy natural food alternatives for exercise

Between working and family life, there are days when you have to sacrifice your 15 minutes of exercise to change diapers or stay late at your cubicle to meet a pressing deadline. Doctors recommend 2.5 hours of moderate exercise each week. But, did you know there are natural foods that can shave hours off your exercise requirements? They're not an exact replacement – but here are three things you can eat and drink that come close to replacing your treadmill jog:


1. Turmeric

A study was conducted where one group moderately exercised for eight weeks and a second group only took turmeric supplements. Both groups' arteries and veins were better able to dilate to improve blood flow. Both groups' improvement were equal – meaning that taking turmeric improved their vascular function as well as aerobic exercise!

It seems turmeric can lower your risk for heart disease as well as exercising.Post-bypass patients who took turmeric supplements for less than two weeks after surgery lowered their risk for heart attacks by 65 percent. For comparison, researchers found that vigorously exercising regularly lessens your risk for heart disease by 20 percent and moderate exercise lessens your risk by 10 percent.

Thus, taking turmeric can be as good for your heart and blood vessels as your weekly workouts, but that's not all! Studies show that turmeric protects you against cancers of the gut, kidneys, liver, lung, brain, breast, and more. Even if you're religiously getting your exercise, you should add turmeric to your daily regimen starting today to improve your heart health and protect yourself from cancer.


Forskolin is a supplement made from extracts of an Indian mint-like plant, which also grow in Thailand. In those regions, it's seen long use in their traditional medicine.

Taking forskolin regularly can have the same effects on your heart as your daily exercise. Studies show that taking forskolin has similar healthy effects on your cardiovascular system as doing cardio.

Forskolin is also proven to help you lose weight and lessen your appetite. Researchers found that giving forskolin to rats made them eat much less and gain less weight even though they were tempted with a high-fat, high-sugar cafeteria diet. Also, a 12-week study done on obese men taking 250 milligrams of forskolin twice a day lost more weight and had higher levels of testosterone than the control group.

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Taking forskolin also treats asthma by relaxing the muscles of your lungs, which is similar to what asthma medications do.

Unfortunately, forskolin interferes with some medications, including anti-clotting pharmaceuticals. It can also aggravate some forms of kidney diseases. Talk to your doctor before adding forskolin to your daily regimen.

3. Wine and Grapes

You'll enjoy this exercise alternative! Drinking a glass of red wine is equivalent an hour of moderate exercise Why? Red wine contains resveratrol, which tones your muscles and improves your heart and physical health the same as exercising. This miracle compound also reverses aging and lengthens your life by mending age-related DNA damage.

Drinking red wine everyday also makes your body burn more fat. Mice fed resveratrol gained 40 percent less weight than mice not fed the miracle chemical. Why? Researchers found that resveratrol converts stagnant, white fat into auto-burning brown fat that your body burns rapidly during the day for heat even if you aren't active.

If you're not into alcohol, you're lucky! Grapes have more resveratrol than wine, so munching on grapes actually gets you more of this miracle compound than a dinner glass of red wine.

Start eating grapes everyday or enjoying a glass of red wine every night. It'll help you lose weight and count as an hour of exercise if you're too busy to stay active for the day.

Nothing replaces an actual workout, but if you're running late on deadlines these three natural foods and supplements can help make up for the loss activity and keep your heart healthy. They'll also help you burn more fat! Have you tried any of these? What are your experiences?

Updated: 1/2/2017