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3 Fun Exercises You Can Do With Your Children

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It's great to spend time with your children, but what if it could be physically healthy and not just psychologically healthy for all of you? Here are some fun exercises you can do together that improve both your and your children's physical health.


Parents who spend time with their children boost the family bonds they share. Spending more time with your children even betters their disposition – researchers studied fathers and mothers and their two-year olds and found that those who spent more time with their children had two-year olds with better temperaments.

But spending time with your children doesn't have to be unproductive. You can get sneaky and make bonding time count for double or even triple. Here are some healthy youth exercises ideas you can do with your children:

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Play Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is an app for your smart phone (and you know you've given your children smart phones or tablets!) It's free and addictive! Find and catch pokemon with your children while getting all of your cardio. Nintendo made Pokemon Go with fitness as the primary goal – you can only hunt for pokemon if you get up and go (so all of you have to walk outside). Your children will be excited to find new lovable pokemon, and you'll be getting your aerobic workout for the day (and so will they) – it's a win-win! You'll not only be exploring nature and be walking around town, but you can also share the happiness of bonding over the pokemon you've caught together.

Bubble wrap pop. Kids love popping bubble wrap, and maybe you secretly do too! So make it exercise! When you get a package in the mail with lots of bubble wrap, lay it on the floor (preferably outside to prevent floor damage) and make it a contest with your children to jump up and down on it. Whoever pops the most bubbles wins! This is also great, fun cardio. Doing it outside also means you're all getting a healthy dose of vitamin D – but remember to wear sunscreen.

Dance craze. Dancing can be a really great aerobic workout if you move enough. Get down with your kids and play their favorite songs. Laugh, sing, and dance together and get your daily workouts! This is probably the most fun exercise activity you can do with your children.

Spend more time with your children by incorporating your daily aerobic workout with bonding time. You'll be shooting two birds with one stone!