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3 Easy Ways to Lower the Carbs of Your French Fries Without Sacrificing Taste

Easy ways to lower the cabs of french fries

Totally cutting out potatoes can be hard. Who doesn't love a baked potato with a blue cheese salad or stir-fry veggies with sautéed potatoes? Potatoes can be healthy if you choose the right kind, the right way to cook them, and pair them with certain foods. Here are a few ways you can eat the same tasty potatoes but lessening the carbs you get from them:


1. Choose Healthier Potatoes

Potatoes aren't created equal! Typical red and white potatoes have about 27 grams of carbs, while sweet and russet potatoes have about 37 grams. Sweet potatoes have 5 more grams of sugar than the others. White potatoes contain 10 more calories than red potatoes and have more starch too. All potatoes are fiber-rich, which lowers cholesterol and prevents constipation.

Choose red or white potatoes over russet and sweet – they'll make you gain less weight. If possible, choose red potatoes over white potatoes since they're a little bit healthier and have even less carbs.

2. Boil Potatoes Instead of Baking Them

You know fried food is bad because of the fat and lard from cooking oils, but did you know baking isn't always healthy? At least for potatoes that's the case. Boiling potatoes lowers their glycemic index – an average baked white potato has a glycemic index of 111, but a boiled one's is 82!

If you find baked or fried potatoes irresistible (who doesn't love French fries?), you can still lower their glycemic index before baking them by soaking them in cold and warm water. Soaking whole, peeled, and cut potatoes in cold water for a couple of hours removes some of their starch. You'll see a cloudy layer – this is the carb-rich starch. Change the water and soak for another hour.

You can then soak the potatoes in hot water to remove more starch. Starch granules absorb hot water until they explode and break off from the potato. After soaking, you can fry or bake your potatoes now with less carb content. Make sure to use a higher-quality toaster oven to ensure you're not increasing your potatoes' carcinogen content because unevenly baked foods can lead to burned parts with higher levels of carcinogens. If you have an older oven, check out a toaster oven buying guide to find a quality toaster oven.

3. Eat Potatoes With Carb-lowering Foods

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Fiber-rich foods slow and can even block absorption of carbohydrates. They form a thick, indigestible substance in your stomach and intestines that makes it hard for carbs to pass through the walls of your gastrointestinal tract and into your bloodstream. This prevents your blood sugar from spiking after eating a plate of French fries, instead slowly releasing glucose into your bloodstream so you feel full longer and have long-lasting energy throughout the day. This also lowers your cravings since your body is getting a constant stream of sugar.

Some fiber-rich foods:

  • Apples, blueberries, and legumes
  • Dark leafy vegetables like spinach, romaine lettuce, and kale
  • Whole grains like quinoa, amaranth, and kaniwa

Fats also slow down your carb absorption. Choose healthy omega-3 fatty acids to eat with your potatoes, like a fish oil supplement or a few walnuts. These healthy fats keep your immune system and heart healthy while also lowering the carbs you get from your French fries!

Phytonutrient-rich foods, like green tea, vegetables, and berries, keep your blood sugar from spiking after eating too many carbs. They also block carb digestion by preventing enzymes from breaking them down. This lets them pass through your intestines without being absorbed!

Enjoy your yummy potatoes and lessen their carbs by choosing to eat red potatoes over other varieties. By soaking or boiling your potatoes you can lop off more carbs. Eat your French fries with veggies or fish and you'll lower their carbs even more!

Comment and share your tasty potato recipes – have you been cooking your potatoes the right way all along?



Apparently according to USDA one serving of french fries has 48 grams of total carbs. One serving is about 117 grams. I wonder how many calories are in french fries with ketchup. Does anyone known?