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3 of the Best Exercises to Maximize Your Health

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Some new research has come out about exercise. Here's a short, updated list on some of the top ones that boost your health the most.


Exercise is a mandatory part of your life (and should be if it isn't). Regular exercise extends your life, and Harvard says it also helps keep your weight in check, improves your balance and flexibility, fortifies your bones and joints, and even helps prevent bladder control problems and memory loss!

If you're wondering which exercises get you the most from your workout, try these three:

Swimming. Harvard says swimming might be the perfect workout – especially if you swim in the sea. You get your cardio while your joints are safely protected from impact trauma because the water's buoyancy takes the strain away (unlike running, where your soles and other parts are taking the hard impact with each step). If you're swimming in the ocean, your skin naturally absorbs missing nutrients (like potassium and magnesium) from the mineral-rich saltwater and, through osmosis, expels toxins too.

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HIIT. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) became hugely popular after researchers found it holds the same benefits as moderate to vigorous exercise. Now, scientists find that HIIT is the best exercise for your cells. They found that it boosts your mitochondria's ability to make ATP (your energy). They say that your mitochondria slowly lose their energy-making efficiency as you age. These researchers go so far as to say that HIIT's mitochondria-amping effects reverse aging on a cellular level!

Tai Chi. Tai Chi is actually a martial art from China, but it's not what you think! When most people practice Tai Chi, it's very graceful and slow, but complex enough to make it a challenge to focus on your balance. Doctors say that we start losing our balance when we get older, and practicing Tai Chi helps correct that. Also, the concentrative aspect of the exercise plus the slow movements make experts refer to Tai Chi as “meditation in motion.” Meditation has been found to ward off many diseases and reverse aging, which means you get a two-for-one when you practice Tai Chi!

Weight lifting. Building your muscles or maintaining their tone is very important. Aging causes bone loss, and building your muscles helps build your bones too! Having maintained muscles also boosts your metabolism and balance, which both wane with aging too.

There you have it! Try getting into these three types of exercise to get some of the best health benefits from exercising.