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2 Things You Shouldn't Forget Before Driving to Buy Vegetables

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Before you get in the car to go veggie shopping, remember to keep these things in mind.


Vegetables are great, and it's mandatory that you eat at least one serving with each meal. In fact, you're supposed to eat 5 to 13 servings of veggies everyday! If you're female, veggies are even better for you than for guys. New research finds that eating fruits and vegetables gives you a special defense against psychological stress that men enjoy to only a lower extent.

But it all depends on the number of servings you eat. The researchers found:

  • Eating 3 to 4 servings confers a 18 percent lowered risk of psychological stress.
  • Eating 5 to 7 servings confers a 23 percent lowered risk of psychological stress.

This is pretty important since the American Psychological Association found that females are more likely to experience symptoms of stress than men. They're also the gender that thinks stress is becoming greater everyday (49 percent of women said they've experienced increasingly greater stress in the past 5 years).

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But you know how fast vegetables can go bad. This almost makes it a necessity to go vegetable shopping twice a week. That said, if you get in your car without being prepared, you could end up spending more on vegetables, which only increases your stress since economical circumstances are a big factor in women's stress. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before driving to go veggie shopping:

The date. When you get to the grocery, most of the produce you can buy are dated to expire between 3 to 7 days from today. There may even be sale vegetables with expiration dates tomorrow! If you don't know the date, you could end up buying a normal-priced package of veggies that's expiring sooner than what's fair. On the bright side, you'll realize you have to eat more veggies for the next few days to make them not go to waste. On the downside, you might end up having to throw away rotten vegetables, and then having to spend more that week to restock. Bottom line: know what today's date is before buying your vegetables.

No appointments. Make sure you're not cramming your vegetable shopping in with your appointments for the day. Vegetables don't go bad when unrefrigerated – but that grace period is probably only a couple of hours at best! Remember that produce is harvested from different states, transported in trucks, and is probably many weeks old before it even reaches your grocery's shelves. You can't really afford to leave them unrefrigerated, which is why the grocery displays them under cold conditions. If you've always got a busy day, make vegetable shopping the last thing you do before driving home.

If you're female, eating vegetables everyday gives you more psychological benefits than men. But, you can save on vegetable expenses by simply not forgetting to do these two things.