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2 New Ways to Meditate This Lenten Season

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Meditation is an important part of Lent. Meditation is deep prayer, which is what this holy season calls for. If you'd like to revitalize your deep prayerful sessions, try these new ways to meditate.


Jesus spent much time during His 40 days and nights in the desert in deep prayer. He was tempted by evil and had to reflect within Himself to grow spiritually and become stronger. He is the Son of God, but remember that He was also born human, like us. Being human, He had to deal with temptations, uncertainty, and all our weaknesses. He knew what He had to do, He knew His Father's Will, but His human side still had to sort through things and truly accept them.

Believe it or not, Lent holds the same purpose for us. God has a predestined will for each of us, and Lent is the time to contemplate on that. In deep prayer, we must ask ourselves what tempt us, whether we're fending off these temptations, and whether our current life path is going in the direction of what we think is God's plan for us – or whether we've been so distracted by meaningless work and pleasures that we haven't realized we've strayed.

But sometimes praying deeply can be challenging and monotonous, which is okay because it's a sacrifice. The good news is, there are other ways to meditate that help change up your prayer routine. Changing your routine revitalizes your efforts, and you'll be more invigorated to pray deeply through this Lenten season.

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Here are a few new ways to meditate:

Underwater meditation. Just the thought of meditating underwater already sends excitement through you, right? Underwater meditation is simply focusing on your breaths while scuba diving. You'll be able to pray deeper and feel more tranquil and relaxed because you're surrounded by beautiful coral and small fish. The water makes you feel weightless and you won't have to strain as much to keep your body balanced – just let the water hold you. You can concentrate inwardly and hopefully communicate with God with less distractions and more focus.

Forest bathing. Forest bathing is a Japanese tradition where you walk slowly and peacefully in a forest or tree area. It has some proven therapeutic benefits. But what's more important is that you're immersing yourself in God's creations. Let nature soothe and calm you. As you reflect on the beautiful scenery around you that God has so lovingly created, you can reflect inwardly at your own life. You can draw philosophical parallels with what you observe in nature and your own path in life. You can see how God provides for the plants and animals and maybe you'll realize how God's provided for you.

If kneeling, sitting, or lying down and praying deeply is becoming too tiresome, revitalize your efforts by trying these methods. Then when you pray traditionally, you might reach new heights and have a greater communion with God the Father.