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2 Natural Beauty Remedies That Boost Your Smile and Appearance

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Many factors can affect your beauty. But wearing makeup or using potentially toxic whitening products can be bad for you. Here are some natural, healthy tips that can make your smile and face more beautiful.


There are days when your face just looks a bit haggard, no matter what age you are. If you're up late studying or working and don't get enough rest, you can wake up with a rougher complexion. Also, drinking coffee to keep yourself up throughout the night can lead to staining of your teeth – and the discoloration may be present when you wake up.

Most people resort to heavy makeup to cover up their late night's long hours. Although that can beautify your looks in the short term, it could be bad for the long term. Researchers say that the FDA isn't as strict when it comes to cosmetics, and only recently did they start banning toxins from makeup. That means you could be applying products to your face that contain toxins that can destroy your skin cells and make your face age faster and increase your risk for cancer.

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Using some whitening products without your dentist's approval can also harm your mouth in the long run and expose you to undue toxins. In fact, the American Dental Association says that some whitening products can cause tooth sensitivity and irritation. Some professional-grade bleaching products no longer even have the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

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That said, here are some natural, healthy ways to whiten your smile and improve your facial appearance:

Egg white and olive oil mask. Strain out the yolk from two to three eggs. Beat the egg whites and add olive oil. The egg whites nourish your face with B vitamins and vitamin E, which both fight wrinkles and may relieve inflammation (or puffiness). The olive oil (and vitamin E) moisturizes your skin while infusing your skin with powerful antioxidants.

Activated charcoal. Dr. Sepideh Mostashiri says that applying activated charcoal to your teeth has been found to whiten them. Unlike artificial whitening products that can irritate your teeth and cause pain, dentists found that activated charcoal can actually help heal tooth aches, prevent cavities, and kill cavity-causing bacteria. Don't worry if you swallow some activated charcoal either! Activated charcoal is a harmless substance that is used in both traditional and allopathic medicine to treat stomach conditions, like food poisoning, because it neutralizes toxins as it moves through your gut.

Before resorting to toxin-containing cosmetics and harsh teeth whitening products, try these two healthy remedies that nourish and cleanse your body.


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