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2 Natural Alternatives to Kybella

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Again the FDA has approved a shortcut to weight loss. This drug is called kybella. But being a commercial pharmaceutical, kybella has its own risk of side effects. Here are two natural alternatives to kybella that can have equal effects.


What is kybella? Well, to put it simply – it's liposuction without the surgery. It's a serum that a plastic surgeon injects that dissolves fat by destroying fat cells – much like how laser liposuction works. The serum contains a compound that mimics the body's natural deoxycholic acid, which absorbs fat.

The problem is that kybella poses side effects and complications despite the FDA's approval. These side effects and adverse reactions are so hazardous that kybella is not even allowed to be administered in most areas. In fact, it's mostly exclusively administered for treating double chin fat.

Like botox and liposuction, kybella can cause bruising, swelling, pain, and numbness. Even worse, about 4 percent of patients experience an off-balance smile because the kybella somehow damaged their marginal nerve, which plays a part in your facial expressions. And just like laser liposuction, kybella can also dissolve skin if it's misapplied.

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Fortunately, all of these side effects are purportedly short-term and you'll return to normal after your body heals. A typical kybella application session requires between 15 to 20 injections, but some people may need up to 50 injections! Plus, you'll most likely need to go back up to three times (repeating the same number of injections). With all these applications, the likelihood of misapplication is higher. The long-term effects of kybella aren't yet known and you don't know just how dangerous or safe the drug really is in the years that follow your appointments.

If you want to play it safe (and save a ton of cash), you can try these natural, healthy alternatives to kybella:

Lose weight. This might sound obvious – but losing weight will cause your body to naturally burn your double chin fat away. Follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen, and over time your double chin will disappear on its own. Not only does this boost your overall health, but it's practically no additional cost considering that you need to do this to live a healthy life anyway!

Try double chin fat-burning exercises. There are numerous varieties of exercises that target double chin fat. Here's one: Stare straight up above, tilting your head all the way back. Pucker your lips like you're making a duck face, which sort of requires you to make a kiss. Hold the pose for 5 seconds. Relax your face and bring your head back forward. Then repeat the whole process a dozen more times. You can feel the muscles underneath your chin working as you go through the movements -- this helps target the fat there.

Kybella is probably going to cost you a thousand or more dollars for the whole course of the treatment. It also has some scary side effects. You should try these two methods to get rid of your double chin fat before resorting to such an expensive procedure that could pose risks.