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11 Silly Medical Codes That Will Make You Laugh

Medical codes

Ever wonder what sort of medical codes are on your chart? Hopefully not these! Here are some funny medical codes that actually exist!


In 2015, the U.S. medical system was upgraded, and International Classification of Disease (ICD)-10 codes were put into mandatory use for all medical practitioners in the country. These codes must now be used by all healthcare providers when they file insurance claims with Medicaid, Medicare, and private firms to speed up management procedures and improve patient care.

The change from ICD-9 to ICD-10 means the number of codes has been significantly expanded — by as much as 400 percent. Many have found these codes complex, but they're worth learning due to the fact that they streamline the claims filing process for medical billing.

Of course, there are a lot of new codes that may neverbe used. Here are a few lesser known ICD-10 codes that you might find hilarious:

1. W61.43XA
This code may have been used this past Thanksgiving somewhere because the meaning of the code is: the patient was pecked by a turkey/

Makes you wonder what sort of serious injuries someone can walk into the emergency room with after caring for their turkey.

2. Z63.I

Here's another code for the holidays. This is a code you'd expect to encounter after an episode of Jerry Springer, but who knows what kind of crazy the winter holidays can bring out? The meaning of the code is: problems with relationship with in-laws.

Of course, doctors aren't going to be diagnosing the relationship issues. Instead, they'll be checking out patients for concussions, head trauma, and other problems associated with taking a punch or a serving platter to the head — courtesy of an enraged family member.

3. V97.33XD

They say lightning won't strike in the same place twice, but unfortunately a jet engine has no such limitations. If you're unlucky enough to be sucked into a jet engine twice, your doctor's going to be filling out this medical code on your chart.

The meaning of this code is: sucked into jet engine, subsequent encounter.

Basically, if you were sucked into a jet engine and survived, only to be sucked into a jet engine AGAIN, this is the code they'll give you. However, if your doctor has to use this code on your chart, perhaps it's for a change in career — one that keeps you well away from jet engines.

4. W16.221S

Did you know there's a code for falling into a bucket of water, causing drowning and submersion? That's the W16.221A code. So what's W16.221S? The meaning of this code is: falling into a bucket of water, causing drowning and submersion, sequela.

Essentially, this means you've fallen into a bucket and drowned not just once, not twice, but more than three times. Unless you work for the circus, this is NOT the sort of code that should ever appear on your chart. If you do work in the circus, you need to avoid pretty much any water-based circus activities for your own sake!

5. V95.40XA

They say aliens walk among us, and this code may very well be proof of it. After all, if you're going to be injured by an encounter with a spacecraft, you'd better hope it's alien!

The meaning of this code is: unspecified spacecraft accident injuring occupant, initial encounter.

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So this code refers to just the FIRST time you're injured in an accident with an unspecified spacecraft. Oh, and you're the occupant. Makes you wonder how many times the doctors at Area 51 have added this code to a chart.

6. W61.62XS

This is another code that shows you are the sort of person with the worst sort of luck! The meaning of this code is: struck by a duck, sequela.

That term "sequela" doesn't refer to the first or second encounter. No, it means it has happened more than a few times, and you're back in the hospital thanks to some duck-related injury.
Sure, if your name was Elmer Fudd or Yosemite Sam, it might be a legitimate problem. But if you're an average Joe whose doctor has to add this to your chart, you're probably best off staying far away from all ducks!

7. Y04.2XXA

This, unfortunately, is becoming a much more common code, especially on Black Friday. While the most common problem associated with Thanksgiving is either alcohol intoxication or stomach upset due to poorly cooked stuffing, Black Friday is the time when you will see this code on charts.

The meaning of this code is: assault by strike against or bumped into another person, initial encounter. The Y04.2XXA may not be as bad as W52.XXXA (crushed, pushed, or stepped on by crowd or human stampede, initial encounter), but it's certainly enough to make you re-think your decision to join the masses surging into your local electronics stores at 3 a.m. on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

8. W53.21XA

Here's a really funny one! The meaning of this code is: bitten by a squirrel.

Are squirrels rabid? Not likely! Is their bite painful? Probably a cross between a paper cut and a dog bite. Are you going to feel foolish if you see this code on your chart? Abso-darn-luiutely!
But on a serious note, if you do get bitten by a wild animal, no matter how small – get it checked out with your doctor ASAP. It could very well be a rabid animal. Unprovoked animals don't randomly bite people.

9. R46.0

This is the sort of code you DON'T want to see on your medical chart! Though, if you're a teenaged boy, it's very possibly your mother will be tacking this code up on your door.

The meaning of this code is: very low level of personal hygiene.
It takes A LOT of stink to make doctors add this code to your chart. It can be easily avoided by taking the occasional shower or bath — heck, even once a week would do!

10. T71.231D

Halloween is the time of year when you'd expect to see codes like this! The meaning of this code is: asphyxiation due to being trapped in a (discarded) refrigerator, accidental, subsequent encounter.
The addendum "subsequent encounter" means this isn't the first time you've been trapped in a fridge, nor the first time that you nearly died from lack of oxygen. Either you're spending your time in the wrong places, or you've got the worst sort of friends!

11. Y93.C1

Uh, oh! This one hits a bit closer to home for you than you'd think.
The meaning of this code is: activity, computer keyboarding.
Perhaps this is the sort of thing you'd see as a result of carpal tunnel injuries, or maybe someone broke a finger from typing too fast. Either way, it's a pretty good reason for you to take a break when blogging.

These codes are amusing, but the new ICD-10 system is no joke. It provides medical professionals with a shorthand that allows them to summarize a patient's injuries (and cause of those injuries) quickly, streamlining the medical billing process. In fact, it allows nurses and doctors to focus better on taking care of patients rather than doing paperwork and bureaucratic management.

Hope you had fun reading about these silly codes – and hopefully none of them are on your charts!

Updated January 3, 2017