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"Real People Real Weight loss" - TOPS works for weight loss maintenance

tops for weight loss

TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), a non-commercialize, non-profit network of support groups and wellness education opportunities came out with findings that suggested that most individuals with significant weight loss were able to maintain the weight loss a couple of years if stayed within the program.


TOPS was established in 1948 and offers tools and programs for healthier lifestyles as well as tips on how to maintain weight loss. TOPS is not endorsed by celebrities or models and prides themselves on relating to “real people", allowing the ability to relate to some of the success stories in a more meaningful way.

How does TOPS Weight Loss work?

It works through weekly support meetings that offer positive reinforcement and motivation so that the individual feels confident to move forward independently. TOPS is available locally and you can find a meeting that is supportive in your area by clicking here. I absolutely love that the meal plan consists of foods that you enjoy but in moderation. Instead of being forced to eat foods you don’t really like or enjoy, you can choose foods based off of your own personal preferences.

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This program has great results as well. On May 13, 2016, at the Society of General Internal Medicine Annual Meeting, Nia S Mitchell, MD from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus presented findings from a research study analyzing 65,000 obese people who joined the TOPS program between 2005 and 2010. Findings suggested that if an individual stayed with the program after weight loss was achieved, the chances of keeping the weight off were higher.

Of the 65,000 individuals, half lost a significant amount of weight. More importantly, most who remained going to meetings were able to keep off the weight for up to seven years.

Weekly meetings proved vital for weight loss maintenance to be achieved suggesting support and encouragement is a necessary component. The program is just as important during the maintenance phase of weight loss as it is during the weight loss phase.

This study demonstrated that weight loss can be achieved for up to seven years for participating individuals in the TOPS program.

The best part is that it is cost effective!
Your first visit to any chapter is free. You can even try a few to find the one that best suits your needs. Yearly membership costs $32 in the US and $36 in Canada, plus nominal local chapter dues of about $5 month. For about $92 a year, you can start making a change. For those that don’t want to meet face to face, there are even online memberships at a cost of $32.

Take Off the Pounds Sensibly with "Take Off Pounds Sensibly" Program