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The New Weight Loss: Losing Weight and Winning Cash With Dietbet


I have friends who have tried diet after diet with no real return. I have also heard of many different diets ranging from no carb diets to all protein diets to meal replacement ones.


I thought I had heard it all till I heard of diet betting, a program designed to lose or win cash for how much or how little you have lost in terms of the percentage of your weight.

There is even a game for those that can maintain their weight for a given time, the “maintainer” (keeping weight off for 12 months). Featured games are called “kickstarter games” (lose 4% in four weeks) or “transformer games” (lose 10% in six months).

It’s pure gold for the gambling enthusiast!

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Simple. Join a game, lose weight or maintain weight, and split or win the pot!

My friend has tried everything and to no avail. She loves Dietbe simply because it feeds her inner desire for competition, financial gain, and is goal oriented. I asked her why this particular venture and her response was simple “I don’t like to lose money and I like betting on myself”. I am intrigued! My dear friend has lost twenty pounds since December! This is a great example of how truly unique and personalized our weight loss travels really are.

Here are the rules according to Dietbet.com:

1) Choose which game you would like to join: Maintainer, Transformer, or Kickstarter.
2) Two days prior to the start of your game, you need to submit your weight. You will need to submit two photos (one of you on the scale in airport attire and one of the scale with your “weigh-in-word” provided to you by Dietbet
3) Play
4) Weigh out
5) Win!

May the odds be forever in your favor!