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5 Steps for Family Spring Training: Fitness and Lifestyle

Spring Fitness Training

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is reminded that pretty soon our baggy clothes and long shirts are going to be replaced with skirts, bathing suits, and tank tops, This time of year tends to remind one that a healthier lifestyle needs to be achieved.


If you are like many families, a lot of your time is spent car pooling the littles around and sitting as you wait for your son or daughter up to bat, sitting during dance class lessons, or helping with last end of year projects for school.

So unless you can find that time to sneak away to a gym, how do you do this while watching soccer games or sitting doing homework with your children, typically all stationary events?

Here are five steps to help increase activity and at the same time bond with your children.

Make it a family affair
Have your kids help with the planning. Chances are, the more they choose some of the activities you put in place, the more successful the lifestyle change will be.

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Start a Meal Plan
Each week have different family members pick a meal based on the MyPlate criteria for certain nights. Make sure half the plates are full of vegetables and fruit and the other half protein and grains. Don’t forget to add some dairy on the side! If your children can make their own choices on which vegetables and fruit are on their plates for a night a week, adopting a healthier lifestyle is that much closer to being achieved.

Set up family exercise times.
Even if it’s five minutes, it is something and even a small new exercising habit is movement in the right direction. My children happen to love yoga which is sure to bring some relaxation to many but in my house, tends to bring a lot of laughs.

Outdoor Activity
Pick an outdoor activity to do at least once during the weekend. This can be a bike ride or a hike in the woods. There are such beautiful and wonderful National parks in this country promising only a healthy and good time while bonding with your loved ones.

Chores as a Family
Makes chores a family activity. Doing chores keeps the family moving and by having the kids help with family chores, the family can spend more quality time together.

Adding these five steps and adopting a healthier lifestyle as a family will only instill healthier habits for the kids and teach them that by staying active and eating healthy, it leads to a much more productive life. If for some reason these steps fail you, in my house, dancing always works for family bonding time.

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