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Walking Is So Easy, a Caveman Did it

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Walking for Weight loss

Walling is by far one of the easiest and most effective ways to lose weight. It is so easy, a caveman did it. And well, that is pretty much all the caveman did as there were no cars, trains, or planes back then. I can’t imagine too many cavemen (or cavewomen) were overweight, and I am positive this is because of their lifestyle.


Nowadays, most of us sit at our desks all day and then come home to watch TV and veg out on the couch. We have to be purposeful about our weight loss by going to the gym, walking when we get home, tracking our steps daily, doing bodyweight exercises, etc.

This change in culture has given rise to overwhelming obesity rates. We have to be focused on staying healthy by eating right and staying active. This is not something that our ancient ancestors had to deal with at all.

To further illustrate the point, here is a small excerpt from my recent eBook called “The Action Diet.”

“The year is 40000 BC. Nadroj the caveman is just waking up from his restless sleep of the night before. The structure he dwells in is relatively safe, but he still sleeps in fear of a greater predator finishing him of . As he grabs his makeshift spear and wanders of in search of small game, he wonders if this will be the last day he gets to see the Sunrise.

The day’s hunt is unsuccessful. As the miles fade away under his tiring feet, Nadroj starts to turn for home with no food and no water nearby. He realizes a moment later that he has gone too far for one day. He is nowhere near home and the sun is setting. Such a mistake could prove disastrous.

He starts to run for home. He knows that no man is capable of surviving on his own without shelter in the wild and dangerous world. The lands Nadroj has ventured into are filled with creatures much bigger than him. He has to move fast if he wanted to make it out of the predator’s territory before dark.

He runs as fast as a man can run.

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It is dark when he finally finds his way home. Luckily he is safe and unharmed today, although very hungry. He drinks some of his remaining water supply and a few berries and lies down to sleep. Dreams of the next day assault him and his sleep is restless.

The next day will be even harder as he is running very low on food. Alas, this is the life of poor Nadroj, and survival is all that matters to him.”

Walking and pushing our bodies to the limit is something that should be natural to us, but it is has been lost in the passing of time. In the days of Nadroj people were forced to fend for themselves constantly.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be stranded on an island? To be lost in the desert? To wander around a rainforest bereft of any clue of where to go next?

It is hard for me to picture living just to find that next water source, or that next food supply. It is beyond my comprehension and my imagination. I have no idea what it would feel like to have a thirst so strong I would do anything for water.

The times are different nowadays and we are not adapting fast enough. Yes, some are starting to see the light, but most of us need to do more. We need to stop drinking soda, get up off our butts, and start moving.

By mastering the basics we can get back to our roots and begin the journey towards health and enlightenment. Will you join me in walking towards a healthier life? I hope that you do.

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