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Utilize HIIT Plan for Maximum Weight Loss

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HIIT Weight Loss Plan

High Intensity Interval Training (also know as HIIT) helped me to lose over 40 pounds after college. HIIT is a way of working out that involves doing a cardiovascular exercise at high speeds for a short time and then cooling down by exercising at a slow speed for a given amount of time.


For example:

  • Running for 1 minute at your maximum intensity and then walking for 1-2 minutes at a low speed.
  • Cycling uphill or at a high rate of speed for a few minutes, and then coasting downhill or going slow for a short period of time.
  • Playing a sport such as frisbee or tennis and playing at 100% during the game.

HIIT training is effective because it shocks your body. Your body does not know what to expect and it can't get used to the workout you are doing. This is good because workouts can lose their effectiveness over time due to the fact that the body becomes too familiar with the exercise being performed.

This is NOT to say that running at a pace is a bad workout. Indeed, running is great for you, but HIIT is just another way to workout. For some, it can make all the difference in reaching your weight loss goals. It did for me, and it can for you too. I lost over 40 pounds when I started to

Here are some of the major advantages to HIIT training:

  1. It is easier to do than running straight at a constant pace. You can do anything for at least a minute can’t you?
  2. It is more entertaining to do because the workout becomes more about how fast you can go instead of how long you can go. Your speed is constantly changing and before you know it your workout is over.
  3. You do not need to perform HIIT as long as normal cardio exercises because of the level of intensity that you are reaching. Try to shoot for about 30 minutes to see maximum benefits.
  4. Performing interval exercises will help the body continue to burn fat over a longer period of time than straight cardio. This is because the body is in flux and is trying to bring itself back to a place of balance. Intervals distort that balance and your body takes longer to readjust to the distortion (this is good thing!)

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Intervals can be a good workout to add to your weekly exercise regimen. Be careful though, because intervals can really wipe you out if you have never done them before. The first time I did them I was extremely tired the very next day.

Go easy on yourself and remember to take it slow. There is no need to go as fast as you possibly can only to sprain an ankle or pull a hamstring. Hurting yourself won’t do you any good and it might take weeks to get back to a normal routine.

Take it slow and steady at first and eventually you will be able to train at a high intensity.


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