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Stand up for Weight Loss: Utilize a Standing Desk

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stand up weight loss

Standing is an easy small change that you can make starting right now. Standing up when everyone else is sitting can be a mark of pride in your office. I know this because I did it. I build myself a standing desk for only about 30 dollars worth of Ikea parts. I had been sitting for over a year and it was not doing my body any good. I realized that standing would be healthier option than sitting myself to death.


It all started when my lower back began to hurt. I tried everything to help get it back to normal. I went to the gym regularly, took stretch breaks at work, used heating pads and ice packs, and even had my wife give me back massages. Nothing I would do would keep the pain in my lower back away for any amount of time.

I had no idea what to do.

Until one day it just so happened that I was researching about low back pain and trying to come up with a fix for my problem. I read a story about how much better it is to stand during the day instead of sitting.

I thought “Why not give it a try, nothing else has worked so far!”

It turned out to be one of the best small decisions I ever made.

I made the desk very easily. I followed this tutorial, but the setup was not that hard. I had my own office so I did not need to ask for permission so I just went ahead and ordered the parts, built the thing at home, and brought it into work.

Once I got everything set up the question I would always get was “Why? Why are you standing?” I then told them that my back was hurting and I wanted to see if this would help. My coworkers looked at me like I was crazy but I wasn’t going to back down. I would stand up for standing up.

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I was so tired of sitting down all day doing office work and I needed a change. People may have thought that I was weird, and of course whenever I took a seat to take a phone call I would always get made fun of, but it doesn't matter what people think.

You know why?

Because in one week my lower back pain was gone, and it has never come back since, not once!

I also got many other benefits such as the fact that I burned more calories throughout the day and my productivity was a lot higher, but man it felt good to have a back that was healthy. That back pain was one of the worst that I have ever experienced so it was amazing to be rid of it.

Get a standing desk today and you will not regret it. Wherever you are and whatever kind of work you do, it is definitely better to stand rather than sit.

Here is one small tip to standing desks: don’t stand all day because it will make you tired and will be tough on your knees. It is best to alternate between standing and sitting. Remember that too much of a good thing can indeed be bad thing.

Good luck as you build and as you pave the way for others to follow suit. Stand up for standing up!

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