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This is How Hiking Can Make Our Brains More Positive and Keep Us Happy

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Hiking and weight loss

Getting out into nature can do more than just make us feel better, it can actually cause our brains to grow in functionality. Exposing ourselves to fresh air, problem solving without technology, and being disconnected from the world can help our brain to reach its maximum potential.


Just picture yourself stepping out onto a balcony with a beautiful river flowing beneath. Your phone is turned off and your laptop is powered down. There is nothing to connect you to the current world. The freedom you will feel will be unparalleled and you will feel as if you could float away with the wind.

Being in nature allows us the freedom we need to clear away the cobwebs surrounding our minds. It allows us the opportunity to reset and to see things in a brand new light. Practically speaking, hiking is the perfect way to accomplish this task.

Hiking keeps us more positive because it can help us to eliminate negative and brooding thoughts. If you have ever gone on a long walk or a hike, you can attest to the fact that it is hard to be in bad mood when you are walking, and hiking is even more intense than walking. Hiking forces the mind to focus on the current moment. You need to always be on the lookout for snakes and other obstacles, and this literally keeps you on your toes.

In addition, walking outdoors away from society increases our self-confidence. There are no mirrors which means you don’t need to be constantly looking at yourself. At the gym there are mirrors everywhere and you are constantly looking at yourself and judging your performance. Out in nature on a hike there are no mirrors and your mind is not on how you look. Your mind is thinking about taking that next step or climbing over that next rock.

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Being out in nature allows your brain some freedom from the crazy goings on of this world. It gives you time to break away and time for your mind to clear. This will naturally help your brain to become more active as it will feel less pressure from the craziness of daily life.

For newbies to the sport; hiking does not require any special equipment other than a good pair of hiking shoes. It is best done with a friend or family member and will serve to bring you closer to whoever you might hike with. You could even turn hiking into a family activity and bring everyone along for the hike.

Hiking is an activity that just about everyone can do because there are beginner’s trails, intermediate trails, and advanced trails scattered throughout the world. Hiking is a fun hobby that you should get into right away.



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