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The Hidden Truth About Nature's Nectar: The Health Benefits of Honey

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Benefits of Honey

It turns out, not all sugar was created equal. No, I am not talking about the sugar substitute called “Equal.” Instead, I am talking about the sticky substance most often associated with bees that we all know as honey. Honey, the delicious, and shockingly nutritious substance.


The fact of the matter is that honey is a sugar and too much sugar is bad for you. However, honey brings with it many benefits that other types of sugar do not. When trying to decide between real sugar or sugar substitutes, why not go for honey which is an even better option? This way, you be getting some health benefits along with a great tasting ingredient.

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In this article I will share some of the major health benefits of honey, and also discuss some easy ways you can be getting more honey into your diet. It will all start with buying a bottle or using the one that is sitting in your cupboard, as honey takes quite a long time to go bad.

Here are some of the major health benefits of honey:

  1. Honey is a natural decongestant and this is a much better alternative to taking a decongestant or another type of sinus medication. I personally eat honey just for this reason and I can honestly say that it works great in this regard. I have terrible allergies, and when I add it to my cup of green tea, I find that my sinuses open up and I feel much better. I have had allergies all of my life, and this is a natural remedy that has done wonders for my quality of life. It helps me to not have to take medication as often, and I find it truly helpful.
  2. Furthermore, honey is an excellent cough suppressant. Some studies have shown it to be even more effective than some over the counter medications. This isn't hard to believe, as natural remedies can often be very effective at dealing with mild issues, but they are sometimes overlooked by many health professionals. As always, seek a doctor’s advice before trying it, especially if you are giving it to your children.
  3. High quality honey is rich in antioxidants such as phenols, enzymes as well as compounds like organic acids and flavonoids. Antioxidants help prevent us from getting sick from many diseases including heart problems, stroke, and even some cancers.
  4. Honey can be used as a treatment for wounds, and has been shown to be effective in dealing with burns and post surgery infected wounds.
  5. One of the best things about honey is that is saves you from other “less healthy” sweeteners. If you just have to have your fix, you can do worse than having a dollop of honey. A cup of green tea with honey in it is far better than drinking a can of soda or a glass of sugary lemonade. This will help you to reach your weight loss goals as well.

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Honey in Diet

Now that you know that honey is awesome for you, do you want to get more honey into your diet? If you said yes, that is the right answer! Follow these tactics to begin to reap some of the health benefits of honey:

  1. Drop a dollop of honey into your morning coffee or tea. I think that honey tastes great when added to my cup of green tea. My green tea consists of honey and lemons and I truly feel like I am drinking a power up. It is a drink I can feel good about, as it is truly nourishing my body.
  2. Try honey on your toast instead of butter and jelly. You might even find that it tastes better than you ever imagined, and it will become your new favorite topping to use on bread.
  3. You can add honey into your favorite smoothies. I always add just a touch into my fruit smoothies for an extra kick. My smoothies consist of coconut milk, kefir, a banana, various berries, and always a little bit of honey.
  4. Remember to never overdo it. Honey is a sugar and should be treated with respect. You do not want to add too much of it into your diet, but a little bit will surely go a long way.

In the end, honey is a very natural substance. You should not feel bad when you add just a little bit of it to your favorite meals. It tastes great, and it can make a huge difference in your weight loss and health goals. Try a little bit today for big effect.


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