Don't Believe the Myth: You Can Afford Eating Healthy Meals

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Eating healthy meals

Eating healthy meals is not a luxury that only the rich get to experience. You do not have to be a millionaire in order to enjoy healthy foods. Stop believing the myth that in order to eat healthy you have to shell out a ton of cash.


If you know what to shop for and you plan ahead, eating healthy is actually a much cheaper option. Skipping breakfast will never be an option again as you will be able to plan ahead and have food readily available. Eating out for lunch will be a thing of the past and your office mates may even start to become jealous of your delicious homemade meals.

For example, if I make a large batch of oatmeal on Sunday I will have plenty left over for the rest of the week. Oatmeal is very inexpensive, coming in at only 3-5 dollars for a sufficient amount. If I make large portions at a time the oatmeal will last for about 2-3 weeks. This is an incredible savings.

At 5 dollars a can of oatmeal can last you at least 2 weeks of breakfasts, which comes out to about .35 cents per breakfast. Compared to a fast food breakfast at at least 5 dollars a pop, this is huge savings.


The cost for lunch and dinner will go up from this point, but starting with a planned ahead breakfast can save you a ton of money. If you continue this with a PBJ for lunch and a supper made at home, your cost savings will skyrocket.

A store called the daily table is taking this even further. There goal is to provide healthy food to people that might ordinarily assume that eating out is the cheaper option. They have a kitchen onsite that will prepare fresh and made to order meals that are likely to fit any budget. You can see more about them by going here.

Here some other foods that are relatively inexpensive and that you can go far with on any budget. The idea is to get creative and not to feel trapped by what you thought was true. I personally believed in this myth and unfortunately ate out way too many times ultimately hurting my health and my wallet.

  1. As mentioned before, oatmeal is a great food option when you are on a budget. You can make a lot of it ahead and time and it can be eaten repeatedly without tiring of the taste. Try adding different fruits to the oatmeal to spruce up the taste if you begin to get bored with it.
  2. Getting a cheap brand of bran flakes or other high fiber cereal is a great option for breakfast or for an afternoon snack. I personally love bran flakes, and they an especially good option if you are on a high fiber diet to lose weight.
  3. Bananas are one of the cheapest fruits to eat and also the most versatile. You can eat them straight up, put them in a smoothie, or even put them on your cereal or oatmeal.
  4. Greek Yogurt is another good option for those that want a cheap and healthy food. You can eat Greek Yogurt straight up or mix in a smoothie or on top of fruit.
  5. Eggs are a great breakfast or lunch option and are relatively cheap. They are high in protein which will provide excellent long term energy for your day.

Eating healthy is something that everyone can do. All you have to do is to focus on certain foods and build from there. Find foods that you like and start to change your diet around slowly. It will take a little bit of time to get used to making food ahead but stick with it. In the end it will save you a lot of time and a lot of money and it is surely worth it.

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