Is Chewing Gum Good for Me? Try This New Weight Loss Tool

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chewing gum for weigh tloss

Sugarless chewing gum is a great trick to use to lose weight. From helping to prevent you from eating too much dessert, to increasing your positivity, chewing gum is more than it's cracked up to be.


We all know should know by now that sugarless chewing gum is good for our teeth. It can help to clean out food, reduce plaque build up, and ultimately fend off cavities. Keeping a pack handy at all times is a great way to reduce your trips to the dentist and avoid the dreaded dentist’s drill.

However, what most people might not know is that chewing sugarless gum between and after mealtimes can be a boon to our weight loss goals. Yes, that is right, chewing gum is actually good for you.

Reasons for Chewing Gum for Weight Loss

Chewing gum directly after finishing your meal is a great trick to avoid eating dessert. If you are like me, immediately following a meal you begin to get cravings for something sweet. It often doesn’t even matter how full you actually are, you will still get those cravings. If this sounds familiar why not try chewing on a piece of gum right away? This method, when used consistently, can help to kibosh those cravings for good.

If you decide to chew gum between mealtimes it will help to prevent you from too much snacking. If eating an entire box of Ritz Bitz Sandwiches is something you are commonly guilty of, it might be better to grab a stick of refreshing gum. This way you will avoid eating an unnecessary amount of calories, and you won’t spoil your dinner.


Chewing gum can increase your focus. Focus is key to weight loss because you need to be on the ball and ready for anything. You always need to be ready to say no when Grandma offers you a piece of her delicious chocolate cake. Focus will help you to achieve this goal by keeping you alert for anything that might try to derail you.

Overall calorie consumption is reduced if you chew gum regularly. Think about it, instead of always eating dessert and snacking on chips and pretzels in the afternoon, you will be chewing gum instead.

If you are constantly chewing gum your breath will be fresh. It may not stop you from eating an amazing chocolate cupcake, but it is making a difference even if it causes you to hesitate a little bit. Much the same as brushing your teeth, chewing gum will make it harder to eating foods later on in the day because you do not want to ruin your fresh breath.

Chewing gum will help you to stay positive, which will in turn help you to keep on the right track. This is because chewing gum will give you confidence in knowing that you are making a good decision for your weight loss goals.

Don’t forget that sugar free gum is the way to go here. Avoid added sugar at all costs when formulating your diet. Chewing sugar free gum will help you to reach your goals, but don’t expect it to act as a standalone weight loss tool. It must be combined with staying active, eating right, and reducing stress.

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