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7 Life Changing Weight Loss Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

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Weight loss benefits of lemon water

The first thing you do everyday when you wake up should be to drink a large glass of lemon infused water. You will not only feel amazingly refreshed, you will rest easy knowing that you are starting off the day with a great decision for your health. Lemon water tastes great, and drinking it every single day is one of the best small changes you can make.


Here are 7 reasons why you should start drinking lemon water right now, and to continue drinking it every day:

It will help you to lose weight. Drinking lemon water every morning will help to boost your metabolism from your increased water consumption. Putting lemon in the water will make it easier to drink a large glass early in the morning.

Lemon juice will aid stomach issues. Back when I was at a very stressful job I would have a lot of Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) issues related to the amount of stress that I had. Drinking lemon water every morning helped to alleviate those symptoms due to the fact that lemon water tricks the liver into producing bile which keeps stuff moving through your system.

Lemon water tastes good. It is a lot easier to drink and eat food that tastes good. When we like something, we are usually more than okay to keep drinking. It gives us something to look forward to instead of having to drink plain ol’ boring water. Many people protest that their lack of hydration is mainly due to this fact, that water just doesn’t taste good. Well, this excuse is gone if you consider adding lemon to your water because it does more than just make water drinking bearable, it makes it delicious.

It is extremely cheap and easy to make. All you need is half a lemon, (very cheap) fresh water, (usually free) and ice (free if you plan ahead). Mix these three together and you have a wonderful lemon infused water cocktail. All this for just under a dollar or less. The excuse that water doesn’t taste good has been eradicated for good.

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Immune system performance increase- lemons are very high in vitamin C which is an immune system booster. Vitamin C stimulates white blood cell production and helps to strengthen your body’s disease fighting ability. Drinking lemon water will help to keep you healthy and strong.

Lemon water fights damage caused by free radicals which keeps your skin healthy and looking good.

Negative charged ions can boost your energy levels, and lemons are rich with these. When added to water you get a double dose of an energy boost.

Expert tip: Always squeeze out your lemons into your water before drinking. Over time lemons will fuse into the water, but not right away. If you drink your water too quickly you will be leaving valuable nutrients behind.

Drinking lemon water has many benefits and to start reaping the rewards start drinking more of it right now.

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