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25 Easy Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Wherever You are

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Easy bodyweight exercises

Stop what you are doing and workout right now. Chances are you might be reading this article at your desk, on the subway, or maybe even while lying in bed. Well guess what? Good news, you can do bodyweight exercises just about anywhere.


Don’t believe me?

At your desk, use your desk chair to do some dips.

On the subway, why not try standing on one leg and alternating your weight? I doubt anyone even notices, and you are doing just a little bit extra than just standing there.

Still in bed? Why not try doing some hip raises to start out your day?

The point is, it doesn't matter where you are, you can do bodyweight exercises just about anywhere.

Here are 25 bodyweight exercises for you to try. Some of these require a little bit of room while others can be done just about anywhere:

1. Regular push-ups - It might not always be easy to drop down and do 20 push-ups, but push-ups are the standard for bodyweight exercises. For an easier pushup you can start on your knees or for a more conventional pushup start on your toes. See how to do perfect pushup using Biomechanics.

2. Desk push-ups - These kinds of push-ups are great for the office! You can do them at just about any desk, and they are easier than a conventional pushup. Just get up from your desk, step back, lean forward and push yourself up from your desk.

3. Diamond Push-ups - If you are looking for a challenge diamond push-ups are an advanced way to do a push-up.

4. Burpees - Burpees are a good exercise for getting your heart rate up and simultaneously getting in a really good stretch.

5. Planks - Planks are very difficult when first starting out, but once you do them more often it makes for a good challenge. When I do planks I put a timer out in front of me to see how long I can hold the plank.

6. Crab­walk - It might be silly to crabwalk to the break room, but if you don’t care about being judged, crab walking is a great way to use different muscles.

7. Superman - Another excellent bodyweight workout to work your ab muscles.

8. Chair­ dips - Chair dips are great because you can do them relatively quickly and can easily break up the monotony of a long phone conference.

9. Arm­ circles - Arm circles quickly reduce the stress on your shoulders and neck and loosen up the arms as well. This workout is great before or after a workout or just to warm yourself up.

10. Hip ­raises - Lying on your back raising your butt up into the air might be even more embarrassing than crab walking to do in front of other people, but if you have a quick minute alone hip raises are great for your lower back.

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11. Jumping Jacks - Close your office door and do a quick 60 second round of jumping jacks. You will elevate your heart rate and get your blood pumping. This will increase your productivity as your brain will function better after being woken up.

12. Sit­Ups - An easy bodyweight exercise for your abs.

13. Crunches - Another easy bodyweight exercise that will increase your ab strength.

14. Bicycle Crunch - A fun way to workout your ab muscles.

15. Squats - Squats are arguably one of the best exercises you can do for your legs and possibly one of the best workouts overall. Standing straight up, bend at the knee without letting your knees bend over your toes. Put your hands straight out for extra balance and do as many as you can. Eventually you can do squats with weights, but doing the basic bodyweight exercise is the recommended way to start.

16. Lunges - Lunges are fun and they are pretty easy to do. Similar to squats, once you get used to them you can do them with a dumbbell or another weight for an added challenge.

17. Dumbbell rows - you can do these with anything, even a milk jug! Whatever you can find will work here. Put your foot up on a chair and pretend like you are starting a lawn mower.

18. Bear Crawl - Bear crawls are a great way to sneak around the office or the home if you are pulling a prank on someone or just want to roam around undetected.

19. Mountain Climber - Reach for the skies and climb that mountain!

20. Back Bridge - This is an excellent stretch for your back but it works your abs as well.

21. Side Plank - A good way to work your obliques.

22. Wall sit - Why not take a wall sit while reading a book or those pesky office memos?

23. Single leg squat - Once you get good at doing squats, try doing them with just one leg. Too hard? Take your time and work up to this one, don’t hurt yourself.

24. Step­-up - Grab a couple textbooks and step up on them like you are climbing the stairs. Rinse and repeat for a great bodyweight workout.

25. Calf raise - Standing straight, point your toes and lift up your heels. Do as many as you can without letting your heels touch the floor.

There you have it, 25 easy ways to workout using no equipment whatsoever other than your own body. There is no reason you can’t start doing these right away, so pick a few and get started. You won’t regret it and you will feel better as soon as you start doing them.

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