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Free Workout Music From The Internet


Want to learn how to maximize your workout time and make it more enjoyable? Check out the free music stations on the internet!


There are those for whom working out is less pleasurable than for others. Especially in the beginning, when it is sometimes difficult to dedicate the time and the energy, and it seems more of a chore than something to enjoy.

Music has the ability to turn all of my chores into my own personal karaoke session, and makes the time pass much swifter. I am less distracted by other things, and find myself better able to complete the task. The same is true with working out, especially when alone. Before I signed up for an internet radio account, a CD compiled from my iTunes account was my go-to companion for walking on the treadmill. When cutting grass, or walking laps, I’d put my iTunes on shuffle, and used my phone.

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Several years ago, I discovered Pandora, a free internet radio station that is customizable to the listener’s favorite selections. I Heart Radio is another favorite, and I have several “stations” that are categorized by genre. What fun to learn that there are also stations dedicated to upbeat workout music as well. I’ve added a couple of those to my favorites, and all that is required is a pair of earbuds and selecting which station I want for that session.

The yoga stations play beautiful, calming music that is not only perfect for a yoga session, but for relaxation before bedtime as well. I haven’t tried yoga, but if the exercises are half as relaxing as the music, I need to put a yoga class on my list of things to try.

No matter what your jam – cardio, yoga, running, etc., there’s a radio station for that! When it’s time to get the body moving, there’s nothing like a beat thumping in your chest to keep the rhythm steady and true. Before you know it, the workout is over, and the taste of victory is sweet!

If you’re not currently using music during your workouts, give it a try for a refreshing change. Or, if you’re having a difficult time starting an exercise program, download a couple of internet radio stations, check out the workout stations, and indulge in some good music to help pass the time. Starting a new exercise routine will be easier with a little help from your friends on the radio!!