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Can Faith Play A Role In Weight Loss?

Tapping Into Your Higher Power For Weight Loss

For many of us, faith is an important part of everything we do, and everything we are. Should it be any less so where matters of our health are concerned?


Most of us are familiar with an addiction program that uses a twelve-step program. Several of these steps refer to God (as we understand Him), and a higher power.

Addiction is real, whether to narcotics, alcohol, sex, porn, or food. The icy cold fingers of addiction can wrap around us so slowly and subtly that we may not realize it is happening until we wake up one day and realize that we can’t stop it on our own. As with any addiction, the first step is admitting we have a problem, and that we are powerless over it.

Faith can indeed be a factor where health and weight loss are concerned. For those who believe that our strength and power come from God (as we understand Him), there is an endless source of power. At times we find it difficult to ask for help with something we think we should be able to handle on our own, and that God doesn’t have time for things like giving us willpower to avoid the bag of M&Ms, or a second serving of peach cobbler. Especially when there are more important things for Him to take care of like world peace, homelessness, and the presidential election! Right? Wrong!

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While not everyone espouses a formal religious faith, a good many people do draw their strength from a higher power than themselves, and this has been effective in the twelve-step program as well. Whether through prayer, meditation, study of Scripture or other faith-based sources, there is strength available to us for the weight-loss journey. A quick Amazon search will yield many books, videos, and other tools for weight loss using faith-based principles.

The Scriptures contain verses of promise, encouragement, and instruction. Many find it especially helpful to choose a verse to memorize, and quote throughout the day. Others may find inspiration in a devotional reading to print and put into a frame for their desk. Sticky notes placed around the house or the office can provide motivation and inspiration throughout the day.

That same faith we rely on to get us through hard times is the same faith that we can plug into for an appetite out of control, for motivation, and for strength to make better choices. And for the strength to forgive ourselves when we blow it. Because, at some time or another, we are going to blow it. It seems that the more often we blow it, the more difficult it is to find motivation to start over again. At times it takes more strength than we have on our own to get back on track with our eating and fitness plans.

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A weight-loss buddy is great, but what happens when you both fall down? It’s easier to justify bad habits if our weight-loss buddy is struggling, too! How many times have we found ourselves fighting to regain control while spiraling out of control? Sometimes it is only our faith that gives us the determination to climb out of the black hole and start over.

Can faith play a role in weight loss? For many of us, the answer is yes. If you are a person of faith, don’t underestimate the power of God in every aspect of your life, including your health and fitness.