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Blogging: An Exciting Tool For Weight Loss And Management

Weight loss story

Are you someone who needs a lot of encouragement, as well as accountability along your weight-loss journey? Blogging about your experience could be just the tool you need to ensure success.


I started blogging about eight years ago. Just a small, no-frills blog where I talk about my family, my faith, my struggles, and my victories. My weight loss journey(s) were a bit more personal, and I didn’t really want to put it out there for the world to see. The thought of a separate weight loss blog, that wasn’t networked to post on social media, was intriguing to me, but I wondered how anyone would ever see it, if I didn’t publish it on Facebook, or allow followers of my personal blog to read and follow the new blog. So, I did what I do every time I need to learn something new – I Googled “weight loss blogs.” What a find! I didn’t get any ideas of how to network my own blog, but I did find hundreds of blogs by other people, just like me, who were documenting their weight-loss journey.

As I started clicking on the different blogs and reading the stories, I was so encouraged that I decided that starting my own blog was just what I needed. After choosing a name for the blog, I became engrossed in writing the description, the purpose, the mission statement – all the things that would best describe my goal in creating the blog. Even the act of creating the blog was motivational to me, and increased my determination to succeed.

I then chose about ten blogs that I found most intriguing, and started following them. I would read them each day, read the comments of others, and leave encouraging comments of my own. My signature included a link back to my own blog, and pretty soon, these people were visiting my blog, and leaving encouraging comments for me! It became a wonderful network of (mostly) women who shared a common goal, no matter the choice of eating plan. We all wanted to lose weight and live healthier.

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There are plan-specific blogs, as well. If you only want to network with others who use the same plan as you, just include that in your Google search. The friends in my network used different plans, and it was interesting to see what was working for them. At the time, I was working the Weight Watchers’ program, as were several of the other members, so we had extra topics to discuss.

Losing weight with a buddy has always been very helpful to me. My BFF and I have done the Weight Watchers’ program quite a few times over the years, and she has been a huge supporter and a great source of encouragement to me. I couldn't do it without her! I wouldn’t take anything in the world for a close, personal friend to travel the journey with me. But I also found an incredible source of strength in my new blogger friends from all over the country, with new ideas, encouragement, and challenges.

For many of us, weekly meetings and other support groups are an important part of the process. But snuggling on the sofa every night with a pillow and my laptop to correspond with my blogging friends became a crucial element of my journey. I looked forward every day to checking in with them, to read of their struggles and their victories, and to share mine with them.

Give it a try! If you’re new to blogging, there are many tutorials on how to start and maintain your own blog. I promise – it’s an extraordinary tool for weight loss!