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Stinky Pits After Pregnancy Is a Normal Side Effect of Having Kids

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If you have had kids you may have had some strange changes in your body after including stinky pits. Don’t despair. While weird, having stinky pits after pregnancy is a normal side effect of having kids.


When pregnancy occurs a lot of changes take place in the body due to hormones. And shifting back to normal is part of the recovery process.

Sweating more than usual after pregnancy is one way the body gets rid of excess fluid retained during pregnancy.

Another theory is this is one of Mother Nature’s ways for your newborn, whose vision isn’t good until several months of age, to recognize mommy. They also imprint on the sound of your voice as well as smell and it’s that way throughout the animal kingdom even for humans.

There are other changes after pregnancy besides having malodorous armpits.

• Hair loss - People normally lose about 100 hairs every day except during pregnancy when hair tends to thicken as hair loss slows down, but after having a baby some women fear going bald from the amount of lost hair as the body begins to compensate. Hair loss may also be related to iodine deficiency so it’s wise to consider iodine supplementation during pregnancy and get checked for thyroid disease. Hair loss after pregnancy may also be related to the amount of minerals leached from the mother’s body to grow a tiny human. Most physicians recommend continuing prenatal vitamins after birth.

• Skin changes – Some women experience a change in the color of the skin on their faces, called the “mask of pregnancy”, but this discoloration will fade and go back to normal after baby is born. You may also have stretch marks which will lighten but not go away completely.

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• Breast changes – During pregnancy women experience tender breasts and breast swelling with an increase in swelling after baby is born due to the body preparing to feed the baby. Most of the time that increase in breast size will decrease back to pre-pregnancy size but some women will have increases, even a cup or two in size. Whatever your body does is normal for you so if you happen to have permanent increases you shouldn’t worry.

• Bowel changes – Constipation can be a big problem after having a baby and often during pregnancy. Hydration is a factor as well as getting enough fiber. Try to avoid laxatives if possible and stick to prunes or even hot beverages if constipation is a problem.

• Leaking urine – Let’s face it, you just delivered the equivalent of a melon from you ladyparts so having a little leakage especially when you cough or laugh may happen. You can wear a panty liner until you get your muscle tone back by doing Kegel exercises. Just squeeze and release your vaginal muscles as if you were trying to pick up and release a ping pong ball.

• Vaginal dryness – Some women experience vaginal dryness after giving birth and if you do, just use lubricant when having sexual intercourse.

• Discharge – Women may continue to have some bloody discharge changing from red to brownish within a few days to a week but nursing baby will help slow down bleeding as stimulation of the nipples causes uterine contractions. Right after birth the nurse or midwife will perform massage on the uterine fundus, the area above the pubic bone to slow down bleeding. A discharge even past a week may be normal, but a fishy or potent odor may signal the need to see your doctor to determine if there is a problem.

• Poochy tummy – It takes a while after giving birth to get back to normal, sometimes even months or a year. Give yourself time and don’t begin exercising until after 6 weeks even if you were athletic before pregnancy since you have more hormone relaxin in your body and could sustain an injury.

Body changes are a part of pregnancy, even having stinky pits after pregnancy is a normal side effect. Try using lemon juice as a deodorant or powdering with baking soda if the odor becomes too offensive. Otherwise just know you’re not alone. My mother used to say, “I stink, there for I am” but perhaps a better saying would be, “I stink, therefore I am a mom” and while the change in how you smell won’t last forever, the love of your child will.