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Macka B Rap the 15 Health Benefits of Cucumber - Not Only Gorgeous Skin and Better Digestion

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Macka B Rapping about Cu-cumba

Some veggies we either love or hate and while you may not be a fan, now you can hear Macka B rap the 15 health benefits of cucumber - not only gorgeous skin and better digestion in a viral video. Cucumbers don’t just give us glowing skin and help us digest food, they are also beneficial for heart health, detoxing the body, increased energy, and possibly prevention of cancer.


Lately there’s been a reggae rap video by vegan 56-year-old British musical artist Christopher MacFarlane aka “Macka B” making the rounds on Facebook that is simply mesmerizing and touts the 15 health benefits of the cucumber, or as they call it in Jamaica, cu-cumba. For Macka B rapping about healthy food is a gentle nudge toward helping people eat healthy and prevent disease as well as delivering a positive message about life and the value of animals.

“I started rapping about food back in 2008,” Macka tells Noisy reporter Daisy Jones, “with a song called “Wha Me Eat” where I say all the things that vegans can eat because if you tell people you don't eat animal products they think there's nothing left to eat.”

The raps for “medical Monday” as he calls his youtube raps about all the foods he cherishes came more recently, going viral in March 2017, and he does a great job of educating people on the value of food. Macka has been a vegetarian since age 16 and a vegan since 41. He starts his day with meditation, a “secret” recipe smoothie with things like berries, hemp seed, flax seed and salty roots, exercise, and of course song writing.

Macka has always been a social activist and notes how unhealthy most people have become. “You have to look at your food like medicine,” says Macka, “and not worry about taste all the time. I've seen a lot of sickness going around and the NHS (National Health System) is a mess, so prevention is better than cure.”

What are the health benefits of cucumber?

1. Skin – Our bodies are made up of 65% water so we need to nourish our bodies with water based veggies like cucumbers which are full of vitamins and minerals. Our skin is truly an indicator of overall health but gorgeous, glowing skin starts on the inside and depends on how well we nourish our bodies. Glowing, clear skin is a reflection of gut health so if you want both gorgeous skin and better digestion try eating this amazing vegetable and drinking cucumber water. Cucumbers can help improve psoriasis, eczema and acne. You can also use a slice on each eye to reduce puffiness or make a refreshing mask with yogurt and cucumber. Like aloe, cucumber can be applied to skin to relieve painful burns and sunburn.

2. Diuretic – Cucumber is about 96% water so eating this veggie, which is a natural diuretic and helps detoxify every cell in the body, may help prevent kidney stones.

3. Heart health – Cucumbers are loaded with potassium and magnesium which are vital to heart health and blood pressure regulation. Eating cucumber may lower cholesterol because it contains a compound called sterol which some studies show are beneficial.

4. Detoxification – Cucumbers contain molybdenum which helps with oxidation of harmful elements in the liver and helps prevent sulfite toxicity which can result in a fast heart and respiratory rate, headache, nausea and vomiting.

5. Improves blood sugar – Studies show, regularly eating cucumber can have a positive effect on your blood sugar. They contain both chromium and a hormone that affects the beta cells of the pancreas that produce insulin and regulate blood sugar.

6. Increased energy – Cucumbers are high in water, vitamins, enzymes and trace minerals and eating them or drinking cucumber water will cause your energy levels to soar.

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7. Alzheimer’s prevention – Cucumbers and strawberries contain a chemical called fistein, a flavonoid that researchers with the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have been studying for its potential role in halting progressive memory and learning impairments in Alzheimer’s patients.

8. Cancer prevention – Besides water, cucumbers are mostly fiber which helps fight color cancer. They also contain lignans (lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol) which research shows reduce the risk of breast, ovarian, uterine and prostate cancer.

9. Hydration – One of the most important factors in health is proper hydration. Cucumbers have a high content of ascorbic acid and caffeic acid that prevent water loss from the body. The high water content of cucumber helps regulate body temperature and maintain good kidney function.

10. Digestion – Cucumbers are full of enzymes which aid in digestion and regulates pH and neutralizes acidity. Eating cucumbers can help prevent heartburn, gastritis, and even ulcers. Cucumbers are relatives of watermelon and squash, and the fiber in this veggie helps prevent constipation.

11. Relieves arthritis pain and gout – Chemicals in cucumber help lower uric acid levels, one of the problems in the extremely painful condition of gout. Cucumbers contain silica which helps strengthens connective tissue and helps promote healthy joints.

12. Stronger hair and nails – If you have brittle nails and hair you may be needing silica in your diet and cucumbers are a natural source of this mineral.

13. Weight management – There are many reasons cucumbers help manage weight. They are low in calories, filling, and extremely nutritious. Often people think they are hungry and overeat so drinking cucumber water mixed with other slices veggies and fruits to make a natural electrolyte and vitamin water that helps ward off hunger.

14. Oral health - Fiber isn’t just good for gut health, it helps with oral health as well. Eating raw cucumbers massages the gums and the mineral content helps strengthen teeth. The phytochemicals and chlorophyll in cucumbers help banish bad breath.

15. Eyesight – Cucumbers have very high vitamin A content in their skin, so eating them will help improve your nutrition and vision.

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How to make cucumber water

Select green, firm cucumbers from your grocery store or local farmer's market. Wash your cucumber and any other veggies or fruit that you want to infuse. Take thin slices of cucumber, strawberries, watermelon, oranges, limes, lemons, and pineapple and place them in a glass pitcher filled with water. Be sure to refrigerate and wait at least an hour before drinking. Drink within 24 hours for maximum benefit.

Cucumber are one of the most nutritious veggies on the planet and even if you think you don’t like them, learning the benefits in a cool beat rap from youtube sensation Macka B may just light a fire so that you run down to the local farmer’s market and add them to your basket whether to eat or give yourself an amazing spa treatment.