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How Women Can Turn Their Passion Into Big Profits Without Necessarily having a College Degree

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Chef Remmi Smith on Good Day Tulsa

People often have hobbies they love and don’t realize they could turn what they love to do into a second income. I have a lot of friends who have amazing talents and a few of them decided to turn their passion into big profits without having a college degree that was related or even attending college.


Photography - Jennifer always loved photography, however she went to college to become a nurse. After working for a while in that field she realized how very little appreciation she got for such an important job. She had always loved photography and in high school was the school photographer. One day she decided to buy a camera so she could take photos of her children and she posted them on Facebook. Friends and even strangers loved the photos so much they started asking her to do photos for them and Jennifer was able to turn her passion into big profits doing something she truly loved even though she hadn’t studied photography in college. She started buying props and coming up with new ideas and now has a thriving photography business in Nashville.

Couponing – I have several friends who started clipping coupons to save money. They saved so much they were able to sell what they didn’t need in Facebook garage sale groups for less than what things cost in the store. People began buying Tide detergent, diapers, cleaning products and pet supplies and were happy for the savings. My friend Dayna took her couponing passion a step further and started teaching other people how to save money. She charged $20 per person and in return told them her secrets, included a coupon organizer, and about $50 in coupons to get them started.

Fitness – I have been in the fitness business for about 20 years. I know a lot of people who got into this business as network marketers or had small gyms that were fairly successful. One friend, Forbes Riley, took her passion to the highest level and developed a fitness product called SpinGym that is a full body workout that fits in your purse or pocket. Forbes started selling the SpinGym out of the trunk of her car, at offices, and even in coffee shops. She has also sold millions of the SpinGym on the Home Shopping Network. Not everyone will have that measure of success but remember you have to start somewhere and she is one lady who didn’t let anything stop her from turning her passion into big profits.

Gardening – While you may think there’s no money in gardening, you might need to think twice. Gardening can be very profitable especially if you are creative, willing to work hard and share your talent with others. Kauai Farmacy, owned by Doug and Genna is a family owned business in Hawaii that was started after the couple experienced amazing results drinking noni tea. In 2010 they decided purchase 4 acres in Hawaii to grow their own plants and now have over 60 varieties of medicinal plants and 27 products that ship world-wide.

Alternative medicine – My friend Valecia is a pharmacist but was disgruntled with her job. She is also a mother of 5. After a scare with cancer, which she decided to treat naturally and successfully, she started a Facebook group to help and support others who wanted to take a gentler and more natural approach toward their health. The group has grown to thousands of people in a matter of months who are getting education, quality researched and proven products, as well as much needed emotional support.

Mobile Tanning – My friend Tamie loves healthy glowing skin with the operative word being healthy, so she chose mobile tanning as her business. Her clients include a wide variety of people and she often does brides and bridesmaids. She travels to people’s homes with her products and tanning sprayer and helps women “tan” without the dangerous UV rays. In addition to her tanning biz she provides nutritional counseling, nutrition products, and slimming wraps.

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Writing – Whether your interest is novel writing, poetry, writing for children or another genre, these days publishing a book has never been easier. Amazon and other companies have made the former process of publishing a book the traditional way, finding a publisher and getting often dozens if not hundreds of rejection letters a thing of the past. Self-publishing has made getting your written material to the public domain easy whether you choose Amazon of one of the self-publishing companies that have sprung up and help with editing, advice, and marketing. My friend Cindy Freland has a series of children’s books as does my friend Linda Rigsbee, and all it took was creativity and the willingness to self-promote.

Recycling – Recycling is in vogue these days and 19 year old Abby Parker, owner of Revamp’d turned a passion she got from her mother who owns Designer Again in Fort Smith, Arkansas into a thriving business. Apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Abby designs her own tee shirts, has a room dedicated to vinyl records and says of herself, “I may be only 19, but I’m an old soul”. The store has everything you can imagine from tapestries to vintage dressed and jewelry and she hopes to expand to include more upcycled furniture and home designs.

Nutrition – I have so many friends in various nutrition companies that it would be impossible to mention them all. Nutritional products are a billion dollar industry and create more wealth for women than any other industry. One thing I can say, many of my friends have become multi-millionaires because of the nutrition industry.

Cooking – Plenty of my friends have turned their passion for cooking into businesses, whether selling kitchenware, gourmet food products or starting a successful YouTube channel they parleyed their love of food and cooking into lucrative businesses. One young friend Chef Remmi Smithstarted cooking at age 8. She has written cookbooks, has been a celebrity chef at many events, and has even been a contestant on “Chopped”.

Beauty – The first time I was exposed to home beauty products was when I was 10 and my mom took me to a party. That was almost 50 years ago and the industry has had incredible growth. A friend from my home town who was a radio DJ also worked with Mary Kay and did well enough to get the pink car. There are many other great companies like Rodan and Fields, Seacret, and Jeunesse. There are so many to choose from depending on what fits your needs and lifestyle.

Art – A close friend of mine never thought her art was good enough until someone passing by her house stopped and asked to buy a piece. She was shocked and has since gotten the courage to share more of her creativity and is making money. Another friend turned her love of coloring and creativity into adult coloring books featuring the ancient symbols of mandalas.

These days it’s wise to have a plan “B” even if you have a college degree. So, if you have a particular hobby or interest and you’ve considered having your own business or a side business, why not turn that passion into big profits.