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How Mother Daughter Duo Lost 115 Pounds with 100 Day Challenge - Reach Celebrity Status Again when George Takei Posts Video

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Cheryl and Tessa Shaw

The thought of starting on a diet doesn’t light up most people’s imaginations, but it can be fun and motivational with a buddy, especially when you do a mother daughter duo weight loss. That’s exactly what this mother daughter duo did on the 100 day challenge and lost a phenomenal 74 pounds total. They didn’t stop there and changing their lifestyle made them celebrities. Today they motivate others to lose weight.


Cheryl’s story

Cheryl Shaw is a single mom who works long shifts in an emergency room. Her back, legs and feet hurt from standing for long periods of time in a stressful job. After topping the scales at over 200 pounds she was worried about her health. She decided to do something about it, but being an emotional eater was a problem and she found herself starting over several times, her weight ballooning up a little each time rather than going down until she found herself at 236 pounds.

Cheryl knew she could successfully lose weight but keeping it off was the problem.

She was experiencing bouts of depression from the weight gain and sciatic pain that prevented a lot of the activities she used to enjoy like riding a bike and running, but she didn’t give up. Cheryl made herself accountable and chronicled her journey with a facebook page which she called The Cheryl Shaw Project.

Making changes

Sometimes people have to hit rock bottom before they get the inner strength to change. Not being able to fit into her uniform or tie her shoes had been the final straw. She was determined.

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Cheryl identified problem foods that were causing weight gain. She cut out sugar, wheat, and flour. Once she started eating clean several things happened. She started to get her gut health back, she lost 8 pounds, and began to have more energy.

The next step was to figure out ways to exercise within her present physical limits that didn’t aggravate her sciatic nerve or exacerbate her foot problems. Cheryl started going to the Asylum Fight Gym and started with stretching and light exercise. She began doing 50 wall push-ups, 50 squats, and 50 girl sit ups followed by a quick run around the block which was a huge milestone and lost another pound. Rather than eating before her workout which is a weight loss killer she prepared foods she could eat after like Greek yogurt with blueberries. Eating after a workout allowed her body to make Human Growth Hormone which maximized her workout.

She also changed her exercise routine frequently to avoid exercise stagnation. Adding new exercise promotes muscle to keep changing and growing. Cheryl realized she could exercise anywhere and did push-ups off her dresser and added bicycle exercises she did on her bedroom floor. She started meeting up with partners to workout at the gym so she wouldn’t lose her motivation.

Cheryl rewarded herself and destressed by taking rides on her motorcycle. She started looking forward to activities she had been unable to do routinely like running but first she had to heal. At her trainer’s recommendation she started taking Epsom salt soaks.

As exercise became easier Cheryl started increasing her reps from 50 to 75 and continued to add new exercises.
Despite this success, Cheryl did what so many of us have done and yo-yoed. Each time she gained the weight back plus a little more she would feel both depressed and like a failure. A year after starting her journey she was at her max weight of 256 pounds.

Teaming up with Tessa – Taking the 100 day challenge

Nothing is as motivating as one’s children. Cheryl decided to do a program called Give It 100 and this time she asked her daughter to join her. She changed the name of her Facebook page to Mother and Daughter Duo. Within 2 weeks, Cheryl had lost 12 pounds and Tessa 5. She was once again not eating sugar, wheat or flour which had been successful in the past and she and Tessa committed to some form of daily exercise.

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Fail to plan – plan to fail

A huge part of Cheryl and Tessa’s success was planning meals. Cheryl says, “90% of weight loss is diet. “ The two planned all their meals, taking time to prep food together and they kept each other motivated. In about a month, Cheryl was down 20 pounds and Tessa had lost 12, which encouraged them to keep going and this time she vowed to be honest with herself.

At about the 2 month mark weighing in weekly or so, Cheryl had lost 30 pounds, Tessa 23. The duo had hit their groove and began training for a race. On day 70 they started weight training also and Cheryl was participating in a weight loss challenge contest at her job. The two chronicled their progress in videos and before, during, and after photos. They had finally made a lifestyle change they could stick with; and eating healthy and working out had become habits rather than deprivation or work.

Within 90 days, Cheryl had lost a whopping 40 pounds. Tessa, who had started a week after her mom, had lost 31 at that time. At the end of her work weight loss challenge Cheryl had lost 42 pounds. Together at the end of 100 days they had lost a combined total of 74 pounds and GiveIt100.com did a video of them. Within two days the video had over 16,000 hits and three days later had nearly 100K hits!

After completing the first 100 day challenge these winners started another 100 day challenge and lost even more weight the second time. As their number of hits on their video climbed magazine’s like Women’s Health began to pick up their story. Next, award winning daytime show The Doctors invited them to do a show in Hollywood and awarded the Shaw’s a fitness vacation to Red Mountain Resort.

The Truth about Diets

A lot of people fail when they try to lose weight because they don’t have a good support system or they are sabotaged by friends and family. You’ve probably been there. You mention diet and suddenly everyone is eating rich desserts or pizza and usually offering foods that don’t fit in your plan. The word diet even sounds depressing. Losing weight should be about loving oneself and making positive changes.

Tips for Success - How to avoid diet sabotage

Simple. Make a plan and ask for their understanding and support. Explain to your family you’ll be making healthy choices and encourage them to do the same. Temptation will still rear its ugly head but at least you’ll be better prepared.

How to forgive yourself

Cheryl admits that as an emotional eater she got off to a rocky start and actually gained 50 pounds before she and Tessa teamed up, 10-15 pounds at a time, but she didn’t stop and that’s the point. We are all human and we all have good and bad days. It’s like falling off a horse, you have to get back in the saddle. You have to show some self-love. After losing weight successfully with the 100 day challenge she says, “The best part has been the craziness between my ears has stopped. Wondering what I was going to eat next and spending my spare time sitting in front of the TV and eating garbage all day... So for this I am grateful ... My house is cleaner my time is used wisely now I am enjoying my life.”

Add exercise to healthy eating

The more muscle you build the easier it is to lose weight. Muscle mass helps you burn more calories even at rest. Cheryl and Tessa joined a gym and started working out together and that’s why they saw the most change in their bodies. They did two important things; weighed in once a week and ate after working out rather than before. Eating before a workout stops the boost of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) you get from doing an aerobic exercise. Eating a protein based meal after feeds muscle which in the end burns more calories and gives a more lean appearance.

Today, Cheryl and Tessa have their own 100 Day Challenge group page and encourage others to lose weight through healthy lifestyle. They have been guests on Rachel Ray for a glam makeover and featured in many magazines and newspapers as well as ABC News for their successful weight loss. Even George Takei shared their story. Their video has now been viewed almost 3 million times on Youtube.

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