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Get Toned Arms and Shoulders like Forbes Riley in just 5 Minutes a Day without Going to a Gym – Yes, really (video)

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Forbes Riley on HSN with SpinGym

Forbes Riley® is perhaps best known as the queen of HSN (Home Shopping Network) and the $2 Billion Dollar Host, but she is also an award winning TV host, author, Inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame, motivational speaker, and host of www.ForbesFactor.com. Forbes is the Founder and CEO of SpinGym which she uses just five minutes a day without going to a gym and credits for her sexy, toned arms at age 57.


Forbes Riley is recognized worldwide for hosting several of the most successful product promotions of all time including the Jack Lalanne Juicer and the Living Well HealthMaster with Montel Williams, grossing in excess of $2.5 billion dollars. She is a three time recipient of ERA’s “Best Female Presenter of the Year”.

Yet when she decided to take her own product SpinGym to the public, many thought both she and the product were crazy. How could a little mobile spinner give women results in just five minutes a day without going to the gym?

However Forbes wouldn’t allow anyone or anything to discourage or deter her because she knew she had an amazing product. “You are the sum of the obstacles you overcome,” says powerhouse Forbes Riley.

As a personal trainer, let me give you the breakdown about SpinGym and arm workouts. The upper arm is made up of the biceps and triceps. Most women complain about their triceps and “bingo wings” especially as they get older or if losing weight and worried about loose skin.

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SpinGym looks deceptively simple and for those who work out with heavy weights it may seem as if nothing is happening, that is, until the following day. My first day I used the SpinGym for about five minutes as recommended. When I woke up the next morning and started to brush my hair I quickly realized I had engaged muscles I’d totally forgotten. As I did my research and continued to use SpinGym, I found there is an equivalent of 25 pounds of pull in this mobile spinner and dozens of upper, lower and core body exercises. Even men are surprised when they find they can get an amazing workout without going to the gym. The beauty of SpinGym is it fits in your purse or pocket.

SpinGym is much more than an arm workout, and Forbes has designed a full body workout including abdominal and core muscles with instructional videos. The biggest plus, SpinGym is fun and can be done anywhere, even at the office. In fact, I told a friend about SpinGym and she ordered one. A few weeks later when her office mates saw her results everyone was using SpinGym to get sexy arms and a workout that didn’t involve going to the gym. You can follow Forbes sexy arm challenge on Facebook.

SpinGym is so effective it was recommended by The Doctors and is being endorsed by sports medicine doctors, chiropractors, and rehabilitative medicine specialists. That’s why she’s taken her SpinGym beyond the market of women over 30 who want sexy arms to working with people with injuries such as veterans.

Forbes Riley is a regular presence on televisions worldwide as a product spokesperson and television host--appearing on such networks as ESPN, TLC, Fit-TV, Animal Planet, ABC Family, HSN, QVC, QVC London, and starring in many feature films including the raw food sensation called “Super Charge Me!”. Forbes is on a continuing mission to promote health, vitality and fitness as a lifestyle, not a fad." www.funwithforbes.com

Forbes has written a fitness book and journal “E.A.T.” which is an amazing tool for helping other women on their fitness journey. “E.A.T. is a unique 6 week system to plan for success,” says Forbes, “that will help you track your daily meals, engage in thought provoking exercises and ultimately be a tool to help you reach your goals.”