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Brilliant Transformation to Add Family Clothes Storage to Your Current Laundry Room

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Laundry Room Storage

Laundry rooms don’t have to be a humid, dingy area of the house you close off to visitors. Instead you can use one of these brilliant transformations to add family clothes storage to your current laundry room and have an area you’ll be proud to show off.


Growing up, our laundry room was a back porch with few shelves above the washer and dryer and a metal storage unit with a rusted bottom that held cleaners and odds and ends. The room also housed the second freezer our family kept and my mother always yelled, “Go close the doors to the laundry room,” whenever the doorbell rang.

When I was shopping for a home I found a large three story house with a basement but that meant lugging laundry up and down not one, but two flights of stairs. What was I thinking?

So, when my friend Dave bought the house across the street and I saw his plans for the inside, including a laundry room with loads of cabinet space on the second floor of his home, I was green with envy. He had pretty much thought of everything. After all the bedrooms are on the second floor so it makes sense for the laundry room to be on the same level.

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I was also impressed when my friend Renee remodeled her home. Her kitchen was to die for, and off the kitchen was a combination mud room, since they live on a farm, that led into a fabulous laundry room. She had gone modern with new front loading machines and had a genius idea to put them on a platform so she wouldn’t have to bend over so far to put clothes in the washer and transfer them to the dryer. The platform was also a safety feature in case of flooding.

Renee’s brilliant transformation to add family clothes storage to her current laundry room meant expending far less energy. She had custom cabinets installed floor to ceiling as well as a sink where she could hand wash, and a long black granite countertop for folding that matched the décor in her kitchen. She even had a cabinet for a built in ironing board. Again, I was jealous.

For both Dave and Renee the idea of having a laundry room with clothes storage was a time and energy saver. Renee has a large family of five children plus a grandson who live with her and she works full time, so, having storage for each member of the family where they can either leave or gather their clothes to put away made sense and saved her an incredible amount of time. Dave knew from experience he didn’t want to lug laundry up and down a flight of stairs and neither did his wife so the second floor laundry design was perfect.

If you are considering remodeling your laundry room there are companies like Colorado Space Solutions that can custom design a brilliant transformation to add family clothes storage to your current laundry room and give you a free quote. It might be the most time and energy-saving idea ever.

Image source: Flickr - Creative Commons License. Designed by Williams Kitchen & Bath.